50 Fun Ideas for Your Spring Bucket List | Free Printable

A free printable spring bucket list with 50 fun activities for your family to try.

Isn't it funny that the season when we plan to deep clean our house is also the best one for jumping in puddles and playing in the mud? But I'll be honest with you - after months of cold weather and short days the last thing that I worry about is getting dirty. For my family, spring is about getting outside to enjoy the weather and all that the season has to offer. And what better way to make sure that you're experiencing the season to the fullest than with a spring bucket list! I've pulled together 50 fun ideas for you and your family to try this spring. These are simple, classic activities that you and your kids will love - no matter the mess.

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Get outside, play in the mud, and have fun with 50 classic ideas for spring activities for kids! Get a free printable spring bucket list and try a new fun family activity today!

50 Fun Things to Do this Spring

Try one, ten, or all 50 of these fun activities whenever you're looking for something to do with the kids this spring. And be sure to scroll down to grab this spring bucket list as a free printable!

Make a Bird Feeder

There are so many fun ways to feed the birds! Try this easy cardboard roll bird feeder, this one made from pine cones, or these cute bird feeder ornaments.

Have a Picnic
Grab this adorable picnic set and you're ready to go!

Fly a Kite
You can even use a plastic bag - see how here.

Have a Bonfire

Spend a Day at the Zoo
Take along our printable zoo scavenger hunt too!

Go Fishing

Play Frisbee in the Park

Go Camping
Even if it's in the backyard.

Play with Sidewalk Chalk
Stock up with this super fun activity kit.

Dye Easter Eggs
Need inspiration? Here are 25 ways to decorate Easter eggs.

Take a Family Walk
Don't forget to include your dogs!

Feed the Ducks

Blow Bubbles
This machine makes 500 bubbles a minute - how fun is that?

Visit a Farm
And color these farm animal bookmarks when you get home.

Go on a Nature Hunt
Try this Nature I Spy game too!

Plant Flowers
Try some of these fast growing versions that are easy for kids.

Make Play Dough
Love this easy and colorful play dough recipe!

Have an Outdoor Tea Party
This super cute tea set in a basket works great for outside.

Go Bird Watching
Be sure to grab a bird watching guide and kid friendly binoculars before you go.

Bake Cupcakes
These spring flower cupcakes are perfect this time of year.

Paint Rocks
Try these flower painted rocks inspired by a classic children's book.

Play Hopscotch

Make Mudpies
You can even create your own mud pie kitchen - see how here!

Build a Fort
Need help? Grab a fort building kit.

Make a Suncatcher
Use petals for a flower inspired creation or this earth day inspired idea!

Pick Berries
Then use a few to paint with this gorgeous process art project.

Roast S’mores
Use these kid friendly sticks to keep little fingers safe.

Go to a Petting Zoo

Find a Local Fair

Play Hide & Seek in the Dark
Be sure to grab your flashlights!

Go Star Gazing
Too cloudy outside? Try this DIY constellation projector instead.

Look for Tadpoles

Make Flower Decorations
Get inspiration from one of these flower books for kids.

Have a Garage Sale

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Have an Easter Egg Hunt
Make it the best egg hunt ever with these easy tips, and take it up a notch with my Easter Egg Bingo game.

Plant a Garden
Check out all our garden activities here - with everything from planning to planting to free printable garden markers.

Play in the Rain

Take Family Pictures
Don't forget to print them too.

Have a Board Game Night
Try this super fun DIY Animal Trivia game!

Skip Rocks at the Lake

Have a Family Dinner Date

Make a New Lemonade Recipe
Your kids will LOVE this twist on lemonade!

Jump in Puddles

Go to a Drive in Movie
See if there's one near you here.

Smell the Flowers

Make Flower Crowns
Use a kit to make it easy.

Look for Rainbows
And read a book about rainbows too.

Read a Book About Spring
Try one of these awesome spring books for preschoolers.

Make a Wind Chime
Get creative with this fun wind chime kit.

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