Free Printable Reading List & How to Find Great Books For It

A printable reading list to organize your book life (plus 6 places to find your next book).

I recently found myself all alone in the grown up section of the library for the first time in who knows how long. I'm at the library about once a week, usually in the kids section or grabbing something I've placed on hold. But this day I was running errands while the boys were in school, dropped in to make some returns, and decided to take a few minutes to wander. I'd forgotten how wonderful it is to be surrounded by books of all kinds, just waiting to be discovered and read (for free!). But then I got overwhelmed and couldn't remember anything that was on my to-read list. So I judged a few books by their covers, checked them out, and went home determined to get my reading list organized. And since a solo trip to the library is still a luxury, I also pulled together my favorite ways to find great books from home. Ready to read? Let's go.

Find your next favorite book and organize your to read list with this free printable reading list! Perfect to add to your planner or for book clubs, it lets you remember and rate books as you go. Read | Reading | Book Club | Planner Pages | Organizer

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Free Printable Reading List to Organize Your Book Life

I'm always looking for my next favorite book, and my reading wish list is long. I'm a paper planner person, so I love to have a quick reference list right in my organizer to jot down great books when I hear about them. I put together this printable reading list to do just that - it has a place to write down the title and author of books I'd love to read, with a check box to mark when I've finished them! I also included a rating column so I can easily remember which ones I loved and which were just so-so.

Simply click the button below to get your printable reading list!


This reading list coordinates with my printable book discussion questions and book club reminder bookmarks to make the perfect set for avid readers and book clubs.

How to Find Great Books

Now that you have your reading list ready, where can you go to find your next favorite book? Here are some of my go to sources!

Join a Book Club - my online book club is my #1 way to find new books. We pick a new book to read every month, and there are always great suggestions from my fellow members! If you're a busy mom this is a great place for you - join us on Facebook here. Prefer to meet in person? Click here for suggestions on how to find a book club you'll love.

Your Local Library - take the time to wander your library. You'll often find special displays with new and popular books. Or ask a librarian for recommendations!

Goodreads - the go to source for any book lover. Add in the books you've read, find friends, and get suggestions of books to read next.

What Should I Read Next - this site is super cool. Simply enter the name of a book you love and it gives you reader suggestions for other books you might like.

Amazon - your one stop shop to browse and buy books. And it's even like a virtual library with Prime Reading - thousands of books you can read for free with your Amazon Prime subscription! Be sure to also check out the Top 20 most read books each week here.

Pinterest - I'm always finding and pinning book lists full of great suggestions. Follow my book club board and check them out!

What's the best book you've read lately? Hop over to my online book club and let's chat!

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