Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist by Room

The only Spring Cleaning checklist you need to get every room in your house sparkling clean.

Spring is here and that means it is finally time to start opening some windows to get some fresh air after keeping your home closed up for months. Is there anything better than those first breezes to blow away the musty winter air? The fresh air is a great way to start the spring cleaning process and offers inspiration for deeper cleaning. And I have everything you need to conquer your spring cleaning one room at a time. Open up your windows, prop open your doors, it’s time to get cleaning with this spring cleaning checklist.

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Everything you need to conquer your spring cleaning this year! Go room by room with this checklist and your house will be clean in no time. Perfect for deep cleaning any time of the year too!

Spring Cleaning By Room

Before you get started you should have an idea of where you want to start. I organize my spring cleaning list by room, and I always start with the "wet rooms" - kitchens and baths. Then once that is out of the way, I can concentrate on rooms that are a little easier like the family room and bedrooms.

Begin by cleaning your windows and glass doors inside and out. This way when you’re cleaning you can get the most from the bright light in the sky. The sun will help you stay motivated, give you extra lighting, and it’ll make sure you know when you’ve missed a spot.


Deep clean fridge and freezer, defrost if needed.
Take down fridge art to make room for more.
Dust cupboards and the top of the fridge.
Deep clean stove inside and out. (Check out how to clean stove drip pans here.)
Deep clean small appliances: coffee maker, microwave, toaster oven.
Deep clean dishwasher and run an empty cycle.
Disinfect the sink and faucet.
Wash curtains and blinds.
Wipe down walls, cupboards, drawers, backsplash, light switches.
Clean out the junk drawer.
Organize shelves and drawers.
Wash out garbage can.
Sweep and mop the floor. If possible move all large appliances to get behind and under them.


Scrub bath/shower walls and fixtures.
Clean shower curtain.
Wash trash can.
Organize cabinets and drawers.
Wash rug.
Clean kids step stool.
Wipe down mirror.
Clean walls, light switch, door, door frame, and handles.
Replace toothbrushes.
Wash hairbrushes and makeup brushes.
Dispose of expired makeup and make a list of what you need to replace.
Wash laundry basket.
Scrub toilet.
Clean out medicine cabinet, dispose of expired medicines and make a list of what you need.
Mop the floor.
Replace sponges, loofas, and razors.
Dust any décor.

Family Room

Dust surfaces, including picture frames, tables, and shelves.
Organize book shelves, DVD collections, and game collections.
Wash throw blankets and pillow covers.
Steam clean furniture.
Wipe down walls, doors, door frames, and light switches.
Dust and clean blinds.
Wash curtains.
Vacuum and wash vents.
Deep clean carpet or rugs.
Clean lampshades.
Dust electronics and wipe screens clean.
Throw away old newspapers and magazines.
Dust décor. For smaller items deeper cleaning may be needed to get in the tiny corners.
Clean crevices of baseboard.

Master Bedroom

Dust dresser and headboards.
Wash curtains and blinds.
Wash laundry basket.
Wipe down walls, light switches, doors, and door frames.
Wash bedding.
Flip and rotate mattress.
Sort through clothes. Donate what you don’t wear.
Organize closet.
Clean out under the bed.
Clean carpet and rugs.
Organize drawers.
Throw out old socks and underwear and buy new ones.
Clean lights.

Kids Rooms

Wash bedding.
Rotate and flip the mattress.
Organize closet.
Sort through clothes. Donate anything the kids have outgrown or don’t like.
Organize toys. Remove broken ones and donate the ones that aren’t played with. Keep anything with sentimental value that they have outgrown.
Sanitize toys and toy boxes.
Organize books. Remove torn and any the kids have outgrown or stopped reading. Keep anything with sentimental value.
Dust and wipe down all surfaces.
Clean carpet and rugs.

Laundry/Mud Room

Deep clean washing machine and dryer.
Wipe down all surfaces.
Organize cleaning products, see what you need to replenish.
Wipe down walls, light switches, doors, door frames, and handles.
Wash trash can.

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Keep Your House Clean

Once your spring cleaning is complete, keep your house clean with a few simple things that you can do everyday. Check out the 5 things I do every day to keep my house clean and organized here! You can also find more cleaning tips and tricks here.

Spring Cleaning Essentials

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