3 Reasons to Give Your Kids a Family Getaway

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My twins will be turning 5 soon, and I'm starting to think about what we will do for their birthday. Looking around our playroom, I know they have enough toys. So instead, I'm thinking of giving them something that will mean a lot more to them, be fun for all of us, and will create lasting memories instead of more clutter. A family getaway. Are you ready to trade stuff for experiences too? Here are 3 reasons why you should.

Research has shown that gifts of experiences are more meaningful to kids. So why not consider taking your kids on a fun family getaway for their next birthday or holiday? Finding the perfect getaway, which the entire family will enjoy, is easier than you think, and has more benefits than you can imagine.  We've been looking at Florida Travel for our getaway and have found so many things to do and try in Ocala/Marion County.

Give your kids the gift of a family getaway instead of more toys. See what they will gain from time together that no other gift can give!

3 Reasons to Give Your Kids a Family Getaway

You Can Reconnect as a Family

School schedules, activities, work... the demands of modern family life are always pulling on us. And it is sometimes hard to connect when we are all going in a million different directions. Planning a getaway will help you to reconnect as a family. Put the screens away and get outside, whether it is horseback riding, ziplining, or fishing - you will find that you have a chance to get to know each other again over shared activities. There are so many Ocala/Marion County Activities for everyone, with crystal clear springs for water activities and tons of opportunities for outdoor adventures.

You Will All Relax

Life is stressful, and our stress trickles down to our kids. I'll admit that I get more easily frustrated with my kids when my stress level is up. Getting away from home can often defuse a lot of tension and help everyone be more relaxed. On our last vacation, the simple fact that I didn't have to cook dinner and clean up the kitchen every night was a relief, and let me be more present and enjoy our meals. And who knows, your kids might even want to try something new! There are so many awesome dining experiences in Ocala/Marion that you're sure to find something you love, and you'll all enjoy sharing family meals together.


You'll Create Family Memories 

I can't tell you what my parents gave me for my 8th birthday. But I can tell you almost every detail about our trip to the beach that summer - when my mom tried to cook live crabs and one escaped from the pot. When my cousins and I stayed up all night giggling, and the first time that I managed to successfully boogie board. These are the memories that last, and bond your family together. This is what I want to give my kids, not just another toy that will be forgotten. And with so many awesome Ocala/Marion County Lodging options, from camping to cabins, we can plan a getaway that my kids will remember for a lifetime.

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Ready to give your kids the gift of getting away and rediscovering the joy of your family? Check out all that Ocala/Marion County has to offer and book your getaway today.

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