Holiday Shopping Tips for Busy Moms

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Holiday shopping stressing you out? Relax, get organized, and get it done with these easy Christmas shopping tips for busy moms.

When I say "Christmas shopping," what do you think of? Navigating the crowds at a hot, stuffy mall, just to lug armloads of packages to the car, then sit in traffic hoping you'll beat bad weather home? Or wrestling a cart in a huge superstore, chasing down your kids while at least one of them is having a meltdown because they aren't getting the toy/video/candy on display everywhere you look? Or maybe the hassle of the return lines on December 26?

What if I told you that instead, you could be sitting on the couch, sipping a cup of hot cocoa (or a glass of wine), knowing that your gifts and goodies were on their way to your doorstep, and that your purchases were safe, secure, and returns would be hassle free? This is my kind of Christmas shopping, and with a few easy holiday shopping tips it can be yours too.

Holiday Shopping Tips for Busy Moms

Make a List

Don't start your shopping until you have a list. Otherwise, you could end up overbuying or completely forgetting something important! Organize your shopping with a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for and what you're planning to get. And don''t just limit it to gifts. Remember to add all your holiday essentials - like these super adorable sweaters I picked up from Tipsy Elves for the twins to wear for our holiday photo and Christmas parties.

Set a Budget

Decide on your budget and stick to it. I like to budget my shopping per person, as it makes it easier to track. Staying on budget will keep you organized and avoid any surprise bills come January. (PS - you can find a holiday budget tracker plus lots of other great checklists in my Christmas planner.)

Manage Expectations

It's hard to feel like you're "done" with your shopping when your kids add to their Christmas list every day. Simplify by using my Want, Need, Wear, Read Christmas list to help kids stay focused and give you a realistic wish list to use to plan your shopping.

Consider a Gift Exchange for Larger Groups

As our families grow, it seems our shopping lists get longer and longer. Consider a secret Santa gift exchange for cousins, playgroups, or classmates. Or a White Elephant exchange for groups of adults (co-workers, neighbors). Gift exchanges are great ways to manage your shopping list while still engaging in fun holiday giving.

Shop Online & Shop Small

If I never set foot in a mall in December I am a happy woman. Avoid the crowds, the traffic, and shop from the comfort of your own home by doing your holiday shopping online. This is the single most important thing you can do when you're a mom to reduce your holiday shopping stress - I love to browse online in my comfy clothes, a cup of cocoa in hand, while my kids are snoozing in their beds (and NOT begging for the latest and greatest thing on every aisle).

And while you're doing your online shopping, be sure to support small businesses too. (Like Tipsy Elves, where I got my super cute snowflake leggings. Perfect for our holiday parties or just hanging out at home. Moms deserve to get a gift for themselves too!)

Small businesses give you an amazing opportunity to find unique gifts your family will love while also supporting your local economy.

Use PayPal for Secure Shopping & Hassle Free Returns

The only thing that's better than Christmas shopping online is using PayPal to make your purchases. When I'm comfy on the couch, the last thing I want to do is get up to get my wallet just to type in my credit card number over and over again.

When I was shopping for our holiday outfits, all I had to do was head to Tipsy Elves, pick from their fun selection of festive sweaters and more, then check out with a few simple clicks. With PayPal, I know my purchases are safe and secure, and I can even use One Touch to pay for items in my shopping basket without having to enter credit card or billing details.

Plus when making big purchases, you have the option to use PayPal Credit, which is based on your PayPal transaction history and gives you instant credit when shopping. How cool is that?

And since we know that not every gift is a home run, this holiday season PayPal is offering free return shipping called Return Shipping On Us on items up to $30 for up to 11 purchases. So you won't have to worry about those awful lines to return or exchange your items in stores.

Don't let holiday shopping stress you out! Get organized, get cozy, and enjoy your shopping from home (and be sure to get yourself a little gift too).

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