4 Home Improvement Project Ideas to Make Your House Kid Friendly

Make your house more kid friendly with these awesome ideas for renovating your home! Need a playroom or a backyard space? Learn from my house design mistakes and create the family home you love (and get tips on how to make it happen too).

When my husband and I built our house we knew it was the place where we wanted to raise our future children. But since we just had a cat at the time, we didn't know the first thing about family friendly house plans. We made some really great choices - I absolutely love the layout of our home - and some questionable ones too. Really, white carpet? What were we thinking?

Eleven years, two children, two dogs, and another cat later, our home could use some improving. And while I wouldn't trade my open kitchen and family room for anything, there are a few home improvement project ideas that we would like to tackle to help make our house more kid friendly. We're still in the wish list phase of our house plans, but our list would make any home more comfortable for life with kids (and pets). And I've found a great resource to make our dreams a reality.

Family Friendly Home Improvement Project Ideas

Install Kid Friendly Flooring
The only thing my husband and I disagreed on when designing our home was the flooring. I wanted hardwood throughout, but he wanted carpet. We compromised with hardwood in the living area and carpet upstairs. Eleven years later the hardwood is still beautiful and easy to clean but the carpet is, well... what you'd expect after house training two dogs and having twins. Making all the flooring in our house kid and pet friendly is number one on my wish list for improvements.

Create a Play Space
Before kids, we had a lovely sunroom off our kitchen (the builder called it the "morning room") which we used for informal dining. Now it is a playroom. And while the playroom is my favorite space in our house, I would love to have it back as an eating area and have a more separate play area, especially as my boys get older. I would love to finish our basement and create a super awesome kid space that can grow with them.

Build an Outdoor Oasis
We spend a lot of time outside, and having a backyard space that we love is key. We added a fence when we adopted our dogs, and a small patio that serves as a sidewalk chalk canvas, water table base, and picnic area most of the year. I would love to add a deck from our playroom to give the boys (and dogs) even more access to the outdoors and to make my life easier. Improving your outdoor space can really make a dramatic improvement in your home.

Upgrade the Kitchen
The kitchen is really the heart of your home, especially with kids. And the basic layout of our kitchen is good, but there are a few things I would love to change. I'd love to expand our kitchen island to create seating space for snacks, quick meals or homework. Our countertops are also ready for an upgrade, along with the appliances. Creating a functional, comfortable kitchen is a must for family friendly house plans.

Funding Your Home Improvement Projects

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