Free Printable Baby Care Log

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Keep track of baby's feedings, diapers, naps and more with this free printable baby care journal! A baby care log sheet to help new moms get organized and feel less overwhelmed. This twin mom's must have is perfect for all new moms - makes a great baby gift too!

"I don't know how you did it. I'm overwhelmed with just one!"

When my twins were babies, this is what I often heard when I met other new moms. And to be completely honest, looking back 4 years later, sometimes I am not sure myself. Being a first time mother to two babies at the same time is exhausting, draining, and frankly scary. But was also amazing, empowering, and I wouldn't trade it for any other experience in the world.

I've had babies on the brain over the past couple of months... not because we are planning to have another but because I've been surrounded by a mini baby boom! In the past year, 4 of my closest friends have had babies, and two of those friends are first time moms. It's so wonderful to watch my friends, one of whom I have known since we were little, become mothers (and of course, to get those delicious new baby snuggles). I'm suddenly finding myself in the role of "experienced mom" and I'm so happy that I can take a few of the lessons that I learned with my twins to help keep my friends from becoming overwhelmed. I've shared my #1 secret with them, and now I'm sharing it with you too.

Keeping a Daily Baby Log

When you become a mom, it's more important than ever to organize your life. It's the way I keep from becoming overwhelmed and overstressed when it comes to life with kids. And when my twins were babies, keeping a daily baby log was an absolute necessity. Even if you have a singleton, a daily baby log will help you to keep a record of your baby's care and to help you keep things straight in the exhausting early days, weeks, and even months. The baby care log is perfect for moms, caregivers, and even makes a great gift.

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Or keep reading to see how to download a free digital version to make for yourself.


This free printable baby care journal will help you track baby's day and makes a great record for you to share with doctors or other caregivers. I remember when my boys were tiny and our doctor would ask how much they were eating, how many diapers they were going through, etc. My sleep deprived brain was so fogged (and I was keeping track of two) that it was so awesome to just hand her my log sheets and know I was giving her the right information. And it's a fun record to go back and look through (I just peeked through ours again).

The baby care journal includes spaces to record:

  • Feeding Times & Amounts. There is space for both breast and bottle feeding (I did both).
  • Diaper Changes. Simply check "wet" or "dirty" to keep a running count.
  • Sleep & Nap Times. Track the start and end times of baby's naps and sleep.
  • Tummy Time. Include the start and end time (I had one baby that hated tummy time and one that loved it).
  • Medications. Keep a record of medication, dosage, and time given.
  • Notes. A fun place to record any milestones or things you want to remember.
To download your own printable baby journal, just click the button below:


The baby journal is 3 pages total - a cover sheet, and two log sheets. This makes it easier to print your log sheets double-sided. Simply print page 1 (cover), then pages 2-3 double-sided for as many days as you'd like to track. You can use a three ring binder, a clipboard, or hang the log sheets on the refrigerator door. 

Or, take the journal to a copy store and have it spiral bound for an awesome new mom gift!

Better Bottles for Better Beginnings

Of all the baby stuff out there, I was at a complete loss when it came to figuring out which bottles to use. As a twin mom, I nursed, pumped, and supplemented, so bottles were very important. My mom suggested that I try the Playtex Baby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners because that is what she had used when my siblings and I were babies. I am so glad I took her advice - the Playtex Baby Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners were the only bottles we needed. Now I'm passing on her advice to my new mom friends too!

Since I was both nursing and bottle feeding (literally, at the same time!), it was important that I be able to easily switch between the two. The Playtex Nurser System supports baby's natural feeding pattern and supports breastfeeding. But what I really loved about it was how simple and convenient it was - when you are feeding two babies you need all the help you can get.

The Playtex Nurser System is so easy to use. Simply drop the pre-sterilized liner into the bottle, fill, and screw on the top. The soft liner collapses as baby drinks to prevent air from getting into baby's tummy. Then you can just dispose of the empty liner when baby is done for easier clean up and less mess. 

When used with the Most Like Mom® NaturaLatch® Nipple, which mimics the breast to help baby latch naturally and promote easy switching from breast to bottle, the Playtex Nurser System helps you and baby to have better beginnings together. It's what my mom used, what I used, and what I recommend to my new mom friends too.

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Looking for a way to capture all those amazing moments and milestones with baby? Check out my Every Day Memory Journal - it makes a great new mom gift too!

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