Adorable DIY Mummy Door Decoration Craft

Greet trick or treaters this Halloween with a cute DIY mummy door decoration!

DIY Mummy Door Decoration! How cute is this Halloween craft? Such an easy Halloween decorating idea - kids will love it!

I love decorating for Halloween. But my house will not be the one with creepy hands coming out of the ground or scary zombies that light up when you walk past. I'm a big fan of cute Halloween decorations - silly ghosts, cute black cats, and pumpkins everywhere! I love DIY Halloween decorations too and I am totally in love with this mummy door decoration.

Created by Rebecca of Craft Create Calm, this adorable Halloween mummy is perfect to greet trick or treaters at your front door, or to hang anywhere in your home. He would make a cute accent over your Halloween mantle too! It's a simple craft with a shabby chic feel, and I'm so glad that Rebecca is sharing it with us. Get the how to below.

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Mummy Door Decoration Supplies

Painting Your Mummy Decoration

Paint one side of each wooden slat with white paint. Let dry.

Use a dry paintbrush to paint the edges of each slat black, over-lapping slightly on the areas painted white. Let dry.

Arrange the slats horizontally to create a mummy face.

On the slat second to the top paint two empty half-circle about 3” apart, centered on the white wooden slat.

Add two thick dots towards the bottom of each semi-circle to create the mummy’s eyes. Finish the mummy’s eyes by painting two more semi-circles on the next slat down. Make sure you’ve lined up the base of the eyes with the rest of the mummy’s eyes on the slat above.

Hanging your Mummy Decoration

Cut your string in half to make two 3’ lengths of string. 

Loop your string around the bottom slat about 1” in from the end. Tie a knot at the base of the slat. 

Feed the end of the string under the slat and tie another knot to the loop of string on the top of the slat. Do not cut the string.

Repeat looping and tying under and above each slat until you reach the top. Double knot the string above the top slat.

Use the same process on the right side of the slats with your second piece of string. Finish by tying the top of the two loose strings together for hanging. For added stability add a dot of glue over the string the back of each slat.

That's it! Your mummy is ready to hang on the front door or anywhere you want a cute and not so spooky Halloween decoration.

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