Monday, July 25, 2016

Printable School Planner: Get Organized for Back to School

This printable school planner has everything you need to get organized for back to school!

Check back soon for the new 2018-2019 school planner!

My twins are starting preschool in about a month, and I'm already overwhelmed. My packet of forms to fill out just arrived and I am pretty sure I have more papers to sign than when we bought our house. And this is just my first taste of the back to school madness - soon I am going to have to get two 4 year olds up, dressed, fed, and out the door by 8:30am three days a week. My head is spinning just thinking about it - and it's only three mornings a week. I can't even imagine getting organized for a full week of school yet.

The only way I know to prepare myself for back to school is to get organized, and for me that means having a place to write everything down. Once I have my school planner in place I'll have the tools I need to organize our schedule, our to do lists, and our school calendar - all in one spot. So I've created this School Planner for the upcoming school year, just in time for back to school, and I hope it helps you get organized too!

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Get ready for the school year with this printable school planner! Everything you need including monthly calendars, school information, lunch planners, assignment trackers and more.

I'm so excited about this new school planner - I'm a sucker for new school supplies and you know I love planners, so this is right up my alley. I've put together 20 printable planner pages to help you get organized for the school year and stay on track all year long.

Inside the School Planner

Inside this 20 page printable, you'll find:

  • Front and Back Covers including a space for your name and information.
  • School Information Sheet - important contact information, addresses, and classroom information on one easy to find page.
  • Lunch Ideas Planner - a place to list out all your kids' favorite lunch items and snacks, so that you're not struggling to come up with new ideas every week.
  • Weekly Lunch Planner - a sheet to plan lunches for the entire week so you can make things ahead of time and reduce morning stress (this page can also be laminated and hung in the kitchen as a reusable dry erase board).
  • Before & After School Checklists - a place to help you and the kids to stay on track with the morning routine, any morning chores, and a list of items to remember before heading out the door. The after school checklist helps track homework, any afternoon chores, along with other daily to dos.
  • Weekly Planner - a page for each week to note important events, due dates, and must dos.
  • Dated Monthly Calendars - month at a glance calendars for August 2016 through June 2017, including an additional spot to highlight important dates each month.
  • Project Tracker - use this for yourself or for the kids, to track big projects and assignments (the science fair, a bake sale, classroom projects, etc.)

Assembling your planner is simple - you can print as many copies of each page as you need, and arrange in any order you choose. Add the pages to your existing planner or use it on its own - you can truly customize it to fit your needs. You can use a three hole punch and a binder, or have it spiral bound at your local copy store. Whichever option helps you to feel organized and ready for the school year. 

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