Funny Fish Waffles: Preschool Book Inspired Snack for Kids

Make funny fish waffles inspired by the new book Poor Little Guy! Kids love these cute pufferfish snacks and they're so easy! Perfect for a preschool ocean theme or a fish themed party. Tasty and adorable!

It seems like everything is about the ocean this summer. We just saw Finding Dory and my boys are fascinated with fish and sea animals! So when Penguin Kids sent me a brand new book to review about a little pufferfish who encounters a big octopus we couldn't wait to check it out. And judging by the fact that I had to read it out loud at least 5 times the day the book arrived, I knew we had a new favorite on our hands. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to make a funny fish snack too!

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Poor Little Guyby author & illustrator Elanna Allen, tells the story of a tiny yellow pufferfish who attracts the attention of a big octopus... who thinks that he would taste as adorable as he looks! But the pufferfish has a BIG surprise in store for his 8-legged tormentor. Who's really the "poor little guy"? You'll have to read it to find out!

My boys loved Poor Little Guy. It's a perfect late summer story with the ocean theme and fun fish antics, but also good to read as we prepare to head to school with its lesson of not counting the little guy out. The drawings are fun and fresh, and the dialogue is minimal, which gave us lots of opportunities to add our own conversation and ideas to the book as well.

Since Poor Little Guy was such a hit in our house, I decided to make the boys a fun pufferfish snack. This is a super easy snack to put together and lots of fun to eat along with a Poor Little Guy storytime! Here's what you need.

Funny Fish Waffle Ingredients


Begin by mixing the cream cheese with yellow food coloring to your desired shade. Once finished, spread on your waffle (use a rubber spatula to made it smooth).

For the eyes, cut two slices of banana and place on the right hand side of the waffle. Add a chocolate chip pupil to each eye.

Next peel your clementine and place two sections at the top left of the waffle to make the tail. Add a third section to the lower center of the waffle for the fin.

Finally, sprinkle the edges lightly with chocolate sprinkles to finish your pufferfish. Serve and enjoy! 

Your kids can even pretend to be the octopus - does he really taste as adorable as he looks?

Want to see more about Poor Little Guy? Check out this adorable trailer below!

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