Sprinkler Baseball Activity for Preschoolers

Take tee ball to the next level with Sprinkler Baseball! A super fun backyard activity for summer - try to hit the ball without getting wet first. Kids love it!

When you think of your childhood summer, what comes to mind? My all time favorite activity was playing in the sprinkler. Nothing fancy, just the old metal one that my dad used to water the lawn. But to me, it was my own personal splash park paradise.

Ask my husband about his childhood summer, and he'll tell you about hours on the baseball field or impromptu neighborhood games of catch.

So when my friend Meghan from Playground Parkbench told me she was putting together a big list of Throwback Summer Activities, I knew we had the perfect contribution. A combination of my and my husband's favorite old school summer activities, put together to make a new favorite backyard activity for our own kids. We call it Sprinkler Baseball, and it's easy, classic, and most of all, FUN!

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Like the best throwback summer activities, you don't need anything fancy to play Sprinkler Baseball. Just a sprinkler (we still use the old fashioned kind but I will admit that my kids love this one at a friend's house. Any kind will work), a bat, and a ball. We use this super fun tee ball set for my kids.

Simply set up your tee next to the sprinkler, turn it on, and try to hit the ball and avoid getting wet. You can also have your kids set up next to the sprinkler and pitch to them.

My boys absolutely love this activity! They are playing their first season of tee ball this summer, and this was such a fun way to get in some batting practice and to cool off at the same time.

It's harder than it looks! If you don't hit the ball far enough you may have to go retrieve it - just watch out for the water! We've been having a ball (pun intended) playing Sprinkler Baseball in our backyard this summer and I know you will too.

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