Smart Appliances Your Family Should Consider

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Looking for ways to save time, money, and energy in your home? Look at your appliances! These smart appliance options are high on my list of things to consider for my family. A vacuum I can control with my phone? Yes please!

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My husband is a gadget guy. He loves to have the newest cool technology when it comes to phones and computers. I'm not as interested in the latest craze unless it helps me to either save money, take care of my family, or save time and effort. Our house is now 10 years old, so we're starting to look at replacing a few big ticket items like appliances. As we're doing our research, we've been reading about smart appliances. These smart appliances are high on our list of things to consider because they use the latest technology while also helping us to better take care of our home and family.

"Smart" appliances are appealing because they can communicate with you (and vice versa) over your smart phone, tablet, or computer. They can help you save time and money while also working to make your home safer and more energy efficient. As I've been researching the newest in smart appliances, I've found a great resource on the best smart appliances to consider from Nationwide's In The Nation blog. Here are a few of the options that I'm thinking about for our family.

Smarter Cleaning

I've shared before how much I love my Roomba. It lets me vacuum while I sleep or run errands - a must with twins and pets. The newest Roomba now has smart technology, and can be controlled from an app wherever you are. This is high on my list of new smart appliances - see it here.

There are also smart options when it comes to your laundry - while they won't wash and fold for you (yet!) you can monitor your energy usage and your loads remotely. Learn more here.

Smarter Cooking

Do you save recipes online on Pinterest and Yummly like I do? Think how cool would it be to have a built in tablet on your range so you can follow along with your recipe with ease. That can be a reality with a smart range - check it out here.

Smarter Living

I think there is an unwritten rule that smoke detector batteries always die in the middle of the night, and then you have to fumble around trying to figure out which one is chirping. With a smart smoke detector you can get a message right on your phone (hopefully while you're still awake).

Smart smoke detectors can also alert you when they go off when you are away from home. This is a really appealing feature to me to help protect my pets when they are home alone! Find out more here.

We currently have a programmable thermostat, which has helped save on our energy bill as I can set it for times we'll be away and asleep. But, since I may be home with the kids all day today and out running errands for most of the day tomorrow, it's hard to program a schedule that works. A smart thermostat can help with this by sensing when we are home (and even when we're having a large family gathering or a play date). Learn more about saving money and energy with smart climate control.

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Want to learn more about the best smart appliances to consider? See these and so many more great ideas for your home and family at Nationwide's In The Nation!

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