Awesome Alphabet Road Trip I Spy Printable

Free Alphabet Road Trip I Spy Printable! Who will spot all the letters and fill up their game board first? A classic and fun road trip game for kids - perfect for summer vacation or every day trips!

When I was a kid, summer meant road trips. Whether it was the four hour drive to the beach or a twelve hour trek to see our family in Canada, we all piled in the wood paneled station wagon and headed out for the open road (yes, we really had a wood paneled station wagon).

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Back then, in car entertainment consisted of the radio, invisible ink books (remember those? I loved them! And you can still get them here.) Or a game of checkers on the table in the way back of the station wagon. We didn't have DVD players or iPads to entertain us, and now that I have kids I still prefer to road trip the old fashioned way. We play music, listen to audiobooks, and play classic road trip games like I Spy. My boys love Alphabet I Spy, so I made a fun printable for us to take on our next outing. And I have a really easy hack to make it reusable and easy for the car!

Road Trip Alphabet I Spy

Playing Road Trip Alphabet I Spy is super simple - the goal is to spot one thing that begins with each letter. The first person to find the entire alphabet wins! We also like to play a version where you spot each letter - maybe in a license plate or on a sign. Either way works.

To keep track of what you've already seen, just download our free printable Road Trip I Spy game board. Scroll down to grab a copy for yourself.

On a long road trip, you may need more than one round of I Spy. So I have a really easy hack to make the game board reusable and car friendly! To make your printable reusable, you'll need:

Simply print out your I Spy game board, then cut a piece of cardboard to the same size. You want something fairly thin - a cereal box works great!

Then lay your game board face down on one laminating sheet. Place the cardboard on the back of your game board, and seal closed with a second laminating sheet. That's it! You now have a sturdy game board that can be reused over and over again with your dry erase markers. Perfect for every day trips around town or a long summer road trip!

You can download your own Printable Road Trip Alphabet I Spy below - and if you are planning a summer vacation, be sure to check out our Printable Travel Planner too. With 15 pages in all, it has everything you need to get organized and have the best vacation ever!


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