Easy Dog Proof Garden Fence

An easy dog proof garden fence that looks great and really works!

Is your dog getting into your backyard garden? Install this easy garden fencing to keep your dogs away so you can enjoy your garden in peace! Love this gorgeous, afforable, and easy to install option for families with gardens & dogs!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Freedom Outdoor Living. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love my garden. I love my dogs. Unfortunately they don't always co-exist. I remember my dad trying in vain to keep our dog out of his tomato plants when I was a kid. And now it's my turn, trying to find a way to keep my two dogs out of my backyard garden.

Our small raised bed garden has been tempting my dogs for as long as I can remember. In the past, we tried a small metal garden fence, but I was never happy with the results. Besides the fact that it just never looked good, my little dog could always figure out a way to sneak inside. And now that we have active kids running around the yard, I really wanted something that was sturdy and with no potential for sharp edges. So the fence came down this year, and our garden paid the price.

With nothing between my dogs and the emerging plants, we lost several to digging and the occasional snack. I want to fill in the bare spots before it's too late, but I needed to find the perfect solution to keep the dogs out first. When I discovered Connections Decorative Fencing I knew I had it!

Connections Decorative Fencing is totally flexible, affordable, and low maintenance - everything that's on my wish list. Our garden (our whole yard really) is on a slope, and I needed something that would work with our hill. I also didn't want anything that would be permanent, as we may expand the size of our garden in the next year or so.

Connections is so easy to install with tools you probably already have (or you can grab on your next trip to Lowe's, where Connections is exclusively available in store or online).  All you need is a measuring tape and a mallet or hammer. And the results are amazing. Here's how it works.

First, sketch out the size and shape of the space you want to enclose. We wanted to give ourselves a little bit of walking room around the garden for when we need to work on it. Then pick out the decorative panel design you want - there are several to choose from or even a solid panel. You can stack them up to three panels high, and mix and match any way you can imagine! We decided on a single tier of circle panels for our garden project.

Grab your panels and your posts (you need one more post than you have panels for it to work), your measuring tape, and your hammer and you're ready to go!

Start by hammering the blue stake into the ground. No digging, hardware, or footers required! Then measure out the width of the panel to the next stake and repeat. Once the stakes are in, slide a post cover over each stake. Then slide the panel in between the two posts. Seriously, that's it.

Repeat for the remainder of your design. When you're done, press the decorative cap on each post to finish it off. So easy even my three year olds can help! And the entire project took us about an hour.

I could not be happier with the way our fence turned out!  It looks fantastic with its clean lines and fun decorative design. I love the low maintenance vinyl material too. It works perfectly with the slope of our yard and really gave us the flexibility to create the space that we wanted.

We were able to create a walkway between the new fence and the garden, so that my little helpers can still water, plant, and harvest the garden with me. But it's also doing its job well by keeping my dogs on the other side.

I'd love for you to try out Connections fencing for your own awesome backyard project, so I have a super cool giveaway for you. Enter below to win a Connections Fencing package of your choice. What will you create? The possibilities are endless - do you need some privacy around a deck or hot tub? Maybe a place to conceal ugly pumps or garbage cans? Or a pet proof area of your own?

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