20 Perfect Potluck Ideas

Need ideas for your next potluck? These 20 recipes are perfect for your next summer BBQ or family celebration! Easy, crowd pleasing dishes that travel well - from appetizers and salads to entrees and dessert. Find everything you need here!

Potlucks are my favorite kind of parties, so I'm always on the lookout for potluck ideas. Whether its a holiday celebration, a summer cookout, or just a weekend get together, I find it's always more fun (and usually more delicious) to invite everyone to bring a dish to share. As a host, you get to share some of the work and as a guest, you get to enjoy a variety of dishes (and I always seem to discover new and amazing potluck recipes that my friends have made).

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If you want to be the one with the crowd pleasing potluck ideas this summer, I've found 20 awesome recipes that are sure to do the trick. These are all perfect dishes to bring for a crowd - they are easy to prepare, travel well, and are sure to be a hit. Whether you're planning to bring an appetizer or main dish, a side salad, or dessert, I've got you covered. Be sure to pin this and save it for your next potluck party!

Potluck Main Dishes & Appetizers

Sweet and Sour Meatballs (Our Best Bites)
Crockpot Macaroni & Cheese (Flour on My Face)
Southern Deviled Eggs (The Kitchen is My Playground)
Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball (The Thrifty Couple)
Cheesesteak Egg Rolls (Dinner and then Dessert)
Grilled Cheese Spring Rolls (Gym Craft Laundry) 

Potluck Salads

Black Bean Salad (Simply Recipes)
Sweet Potato Salad (Almost Supermom)

Potluck Desserts

Chocolate Sheet Cake (Restless Chipotle)
Fruit Fluff (Darcy and Brian)
Red, White, & Blue Cookies (Playground Parkbench)

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