Zoo Alphabet Scavenger Hunt | Free Printable

Heading to the zoo? Grab this free printable alphabet scavenger hunt for a fun learning activity! Kids love looking for things that start with each letter as they exlore the zoo. Perfect for preschoolers!

Going to the zoo is one of our favorite ways to get outside in the Summer. We're lucky to have a zoo and wildlife preserve not far from us and we spend a lot of time there. My boys love interacting with all the interesting and exotic animals that they would not otherwise see in person, and I love to help make our trips to the zoo a lesson in caring for animals. I am always pointing out the different ways that the zoo staff and volunteers are working to provide care and a comfortable living environment for the animals, and the many conservation efforts that our zoo provides.

Since we are always on the lookout for something new, I thought this year we'd add to our zoo adventures with a Zoo Alphabet Scavenger Hunt, and I have it here as a free printable for your next zoo visit too!

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Printable Zoo Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

This activity goes far beyond just looking for different animals at the zoo. Based on where you are and the type of zoo you're visiting, you can find a wide assortment of animals, plants, and other fun things at the zoo!

Since my boys are really into letters and identifying the alphabet, I thought we'd incorporate letter identification along with identifying different animals and items at the zoo into our next visit.

This printable zoo alphabet scavenger hunt is an easy way to keep kids engaged at the zoo, and totally flexible too! Simply download and print your scavenger hunt sheet and bring it with you on your next visit to the zoo. Then, as you go through the zoo, see if you can identify things that begin with each letter.

You don't need to restrict it to animal names - we like to talk about all the things that the animals need too, so you may find T = Toys or F = Food. We also like to look for the people working at the zoo and identify their jobs. (Z = Zookeeper!). Using the scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to reinforce both their alphabet learning and to spark conversations about the things that you are seeing at the zoo.


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