10 Places You Need to Dust When You're Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning? Make sure you're dusting these 10 spots in your house to make sure you're getting your house clean! Dust loves to hide in these sneaky spots - get the whole list here!

Spring brings fun time outside, blooming flowers, open windows... and dust. If you're like me, all that Spring goodness can bring along itchy eyes and scratchy throats with pollen, dust and dander that's now blowing in and around those open windows. Though I'm really good about keeping my house clean on a daily basis, I find that a little extra dusting goes a long way at Spring Cleaning time. Here are 10 places you might miss that will make your house clean for Spring and all year long! And be sure to keep reading for a chance to win an awesome Spring Cleaning Prize Package with the #DustOff Challenge!

10 Places You Need to Dust When You're Spring Cleaning

All Over Surfaces - your surfaces probably get a good dusting on a regular basis, but you probably don't move everything every time you dust. For a good Spring cleaning, take everything off of shelves and bookcases and really clean those surfaces from top to bottom.

Nooks & Crannies - this is what I call all those little spaces that love to collect dust - table legs, backs of chairs, crown molding... anywhere that adds a decorative touch to your home is probably also a good hiding space for dust bunnies.

Fans & Light Fixtures - Use your floor mop or an extended handle duster and get those ceiling fans and light fixtures. Nothing is worse than turning on a ceiling fan that has gone unused all winter (and collected lots of dust) and being showered by dust. Be sure to get it clean before you turn it on for Spring.

Windows - Even the best windows aren't air tight, and lots of dust and dirt collect around our windows. Give the windows themselves a good washing inside and out, and take extra care to clean window sills, blinds, and curtain rods.

Pictures - You may not notice it on first glance but wall art and picture frames collect TONS of dust. Take them down to give them a good dusting all over, top to bottom and front to back.

Electronics - Electronic gadgets are everywhere and they are total dust magnets. Don't just get the screens and buttons - pull your TV, DVD player, computer out and really make sure you're getting the dust from the back and underneath too.

Cabinet Tops - Your kitchen cabinets might look clean but I'll bet there's a good bit of dust hiding on top. Use an long duster or a step ladder (be careful) to get the hidden dust up high.

Under Furniture - Oh the dust and dirt you'll discover when you move your couch! Take the time during your Spring cleaning to move big furniture (use furniture sliders to make it easier) and vacuum or use a dust mop underneath to eliminate built up dirt.

High Corners - Cobwebs and dust love to collect in the corners of rooms. Clear the cobwebs from every corner for an all over clean.

Baseboards - Baseboards are another spot where dust loves to hide.  Be sure to give them all a good once over before you vacuum and you'll really eliminate a big source of dust.

I love to use Endust dusting and cleaning spray to make sure that I'm getting all these surfaces really clean, and not just brushing the dust around. Just spray it on your duster and Endust easily picks up dust and removes allergens, fingerprints and smudges from just about anywhere in your house, without any yucky buildup. You can use Endust anywhere you have dust like wood, cabinets, vinyl or finished smooth leather,  or stainless steel.

I grew up using Endust Lemon  - its what my mom always used and the fresh lemon smell always reminds me of home and helping her clean on Saturday mornings. I still use it myself because it is so easy to get all your surfaces clean without residue and build up. Seriously, all I have to do is spray it on my duster, wipe, and the dust is gone! All that's left is a beautiful shine and that crisp lemon scent of home. And its so easy to find in stores like your local grocery store or Walmart - see where to buy Endust and save with an awesome coupon!

Since we have pets, we're also fans of Endust Free, as it's a hypo-allergenic/fragrance free furniture spray that's been certified asthma/allergy friendly by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. You can find it online at Amazon and, while Endust Lemon is available in stores everywhere! Find all the great Endust Products here.

And to make your Spring Cleaning even easier, Endust has created the #DustOff Challenge! Five winners will receive an awesome Spring Cleaning prize package filled with Endust products plus a $100 Visa Gift Card. You can enter by tweeting or posting a before and after photo on Facebook of a surface you have dusted using the #DustOff hashtag* - check it out below.

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