Weeknight Date Night at Home with Wok Wednesday

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Having trouble planning a date night? How about a date night at home! It's easy to plan a weeknight date for you and your special someone - these tips show you how!

Planning a date night is hard. As parents, it's important to carve out some grown up together time, but busy schedules don't always let that happen. Weekends are crazy, and going out during the week never seems to work. So my husband and I have found a new fun way to spend time together with a Weeknight Date Night at Home - and P.F. Chang's makes it super easy with Wok Wednesday!

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I'm all for having dinner together as a family, but my husband takes a class on Wednesday nights so he's home after the kids are in bed (they get up early so they go to sleep early too). We've decided to take advantage of these evenings by turning them into a weeknight date night at home - a special dinner just for the two of us.

I love the idea of enjoying a special meal together with my hubby on Wednesday evenings, but the last thing I want to do is cook anything from scratch on date night. That's why I love P.F. Chang's at home menu - we can get their bold exciting flavors, signature sauces, and delicious tastes all with just a little effort. It is a super easy way to stir things up on Wednesday night! You can find P.F. Chang's Home Menu in your grocer's frozen aisle nationwide.

Seriously, this food could not be easier to make. I popped some Mini Chicken Egg Rolls in the oven for about 12 minutes, and while they were cooking I made Shrimp Lo Mein. I just put it in the skillet, covered, and let it cook (I did stir it occasionally). I couldn't wait to eat because the smell was just amazing!

In less than 15 minutes I had a delicious, grown up dinner for two - appetizers and all. So much less hassle than cooking from scratch, and with tender noodles and succulent shrimp, so yummy!

But a great weeknight date night is more than just dinner. To make it extra special, follow these simple tips:
  • Set the scene. It doesn't need to be fancy, but using nice dishes, cloth napkins, good stemware, and table linens makes your meal feel special. Light a candle or two for the perfect atmosphere.
  • No electronics. This is our number one date night rule: cell phones are turned off and put away. Date night is about connecting with your spouse - those Facebook notifications and emails can wait!
  • Go light on the kid talk. As parents, our kids dominate most of our conversations. On date night, we try to limit it and focus on having a grown up chat. It's OK to tell a funny story or two (I like to tell my hubby about our day) but date night is not the time to go over the week's to do list or the latest potty training development.
  • Enjoy each other. Relax, enjoy your meal, and remember all the reasons you fell in love with your partner in the first place. Date night is the perfect time to reconnect - something we all need once in a while!
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P.F. Chang's Wok Wednesday

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