6 Organizing Projects for Moms to Tackle this Year

Making a New Year's resolution to be more organized? Here are 6 easy home organizing ideas for moms - these organization tips will get your home in shape. They really work!

I don't know about you, but when the New Year rolls around I want to clear out all the clutter in my house, get organized, and start fresh! (Let's face it, I love organizing all year long). But January is when I start planning out my projects for the year. I got a lot done this year and would love to show you how to get started in the New Year with an organizing plan! These projects will keep you busy and get you in shape for the year to come.

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These six organization ideas will help you tackle some of the common problem areas in a home with kids, so you can reduce clutter and feel more in control of your home. You can start in January and implement one of these organizing tips a week to be done by Valentine's Day, or try one a month and be finished in time for summer break. And be sure to keep an eye on our Organizing and Home page all year long, because I have a whole bunch of new home organizing ideas in the works too!

Six Organizing Ideas for Moms

1. The Playroom

Santa has come and gone and unless you did a big toy purge beforehand, you are probably dealing with a toy storage dilemma right about now. See how I organized our playroom here with some awesome options for both vertical storage and a clever solution for all those stuffed animals.

2. Kid's Books

Getting my children's books under control was a huge accomplishment, and made my house so much more organized. And it helped encourage my kids to love their books more because they could actually find their books more easily. See how I made a Reading Corner for my kids, and organized books in their bedroom and our playroom.

3. The Kids' Bathroom

Giving the kids' bathroom a makeover not only helped us to be more organized, but also helped my boys to be more independent by putting things on their level! See how I did it here, and check out my cute free printable signs too! 

4. Kids' Clothes

For something so small, kid's clothes seem to take up so much space! See how I got our clothes organized and under control with these tips for storing & organizing kid's clothes.

5. Your Bag

If my bag is not organized, I am a mess. My bag is my home away from home, toting all the essentials that I need for myself as well as the boys. This year I'm planning to graduate from the diaper bag stage but if you're still in it, here's how I keep mine organized. And no matter what stage you're in, having these mom essentials in your bag will help keep you going on the road.

6. Your Entire House (Seriously!)

If you only take on one organizing project this year, make it this one. Getting your house organized can take some time, but once you do, keeping it clean and organized is easy. Resolve to do these 5 things every day and while it may not be perfect, it is completely do-able and will make a big difference in your daily routine.

And I've made it even easier with a free printable checklist to keep you on track every day.

Need some things to get you started? Here are some of my must haves!

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