Rolling Pumpkins Activity for Preschoolers

Get outside and play with pumpkins! Preschoolers love rolling pumpkins and working on gross motor skills too.

We had so much fun a couple of weeks ago setting up a Dramatic Play Pumpkin Patch for our friends at Pre-K Pages. The boys loved playing in the pretend pumpkin patch and having a snack at the pumpkin cafe. But as they usually do, they found a whole new way to play with the pumpkins. This has become one of our favorite fall activities for kids and it's perfect for outdoor play.

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We set up our pretend pumpkin patch in the backyard - you can see the full set up on our post on Pre-K pages here. I love finding new outdoor activities for my kids and they loved this one. We used craft pumpkins because they were much easier for my little guys to carry around. After we were done, the boys loaded up their wagons with the pumpkins and headed across the yard.

They stopped at our slide and started to play. If you don't have a slide, you can do this activity by making a simple incline out of cardboard or wood.

They began with the bigger pumpkins. They were able to get them to the top of the slide with some effort. It was a great exercise in lifting and figuring out how to best get the pumpkin to the top. Then they helped roll it down.

Next they tried some of the smaller ones. We talked about which ones would roll faster - the bigger, heavier ones or the small light ones?

(Sorry that photo is a little blurry. Those pumpkins were really rolling!)

They were so excited to see the smaller pumpkins rolling down the slide. Next they tried the smallest of all - and boy did they fly!

Once they were all at the bottom, it was time to gather them up and do it again!

This was such a simple activity that kept my boys entertained for quite a long time. It was a wonderful way to get outside and play while working on our gross motor skills. We also incorporated some learning on weight, shapes, and a little bit of physics too. And had a lot of fun!

If your kids like Rolling Pumpkins, they will love to read The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin. Set to the rhythm of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, it follows a little pumpkin who rolls all the way home. It's one of our favorites!

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