Exploring Pumpkins: Fall Activity for Preschoolers

Pumpkin sensory play! Exploring pumpkins inside and out is an amazing sensory experience for toddlers & preschoolers.

We love all things pumpkin this time of year (in case you couldn't tell). So when I had the opportunity to join the Alphabet Sensory Series on The Jenny Evolution I jumped at the chance to do P is for Pumpkin. Playing with pumpkins is an amazing sensory experience for kids, and my boys couldn't wait to  give it a try.

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Exploring pumpkins is a wonderful sensory play experience for children. Playing with pumpkins engages all of their senses in different ways. They are able to:
  • Touch - the many textures of the pumpkin, from the hard exterior to the seeds and pulp inside.
  • See - explore the colors and shape of the pumpkin.
  • Hear - let them bang and knock on the outside of the pumpkin and help them figure out why it makes the sounds that it does.
  • Smell -  forget all those pumpkin scented candles. Real pumpkins have a fresh, earthy aroma for kids to experience.
  • Taste - while you may not want to taste the raw pumpkin, you can talk about (and sample!) lots of delicious goodies made from pumpkin. We like to add it to cream cheese for an easy toast snack.
To set up our P is for Pumpkin Sensory Play, you will need:

I'd recommend setting this up outside or on a table covered with newspaper - it can get messy!

Start by carving out the top of your pumpkin. Then set everything out and invite your children to explore.

Mine couldn't wait to pull open the top and see what was inside.

"Ewwww!" was the first thing he said. He didn't want to reach inside so I suggested using one of the spoons.

He did some scooping with the spoon and then decided to reach in and give it a try with his hands.

We put all the seeds and pulp in our dish, and he even decide to explore that with his hands. What a great mix of textures!

Playing with our pumpkin was a wonderful sensory experience - the boys explored colors and shapes, new textures, and smells. And we have fresh pumpkin seeds to roast for a new taste experience. We loved it!

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