Gruffalo Party Food Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Easy Gruffalo party food ideas your kids will love!

A Gruffalo Birthday Party Menu! Fabulous ideas for kid friendly food based on The Gruffalo.

I am busy planning my twins' third birthday party - I can't believe how time flies! I love throwing parties and one of my favorite things to do is match our food to our theme. This year, we're having a party at a local nature center based on my boys' current favorite book - The Gruffalo! I've come up with some really easy ideas for Gruffalo party food that I know everyone will love.

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The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson is my boys' favorite book right now. We read it every night! If you haven't read it yet, it's a really adorable story about a mouse who invents a monster to avoid some hungry predators... then discovers the monster is real! He outwits him in the end though. It's a wonderfully written and illustrated book that we really enjoy.

As the mouse is trying to avoid the animals in the book, he invents some pretty silly dishes that the Gruffalo loves to eat. Based on these, here's our Gruffalo Birthday Party Menu:

  • Gruffalo Crumble
  • Roasted Fox
  • Scrambled Snake
  • Owl Ice Cream
  • Purple Prickle Cupcakes

Our party is mid-morning, so I wanted something brunch like included in the menu. Our Gruffalo Crumble is an easy yogurt parfait - layer your choice of yogurt, granola, and berries on top. Simple, healthy, and delicious!

Our main dish is Roasted Fox - really pulled Applesauce BBQ chicken. You can find the recipe here in our chicken meals collection. For our party, we'll serve it warm from the crock pot with slider buns for little sandwiches.

For our side dish we're having Scrambled Snake - also known as our Easy Ramen Pasta Salad. Find the recipe here. The ramen noodles make the perfect "snake" shape!

For dessert, we're having Owl Ice Cream. My boys love ice cream sandwiches, so I used those and drew owl faces on the wrappers with a black Sharpie. Super easy and they will transport well.

And no birthday party would be complete without Purple Prickle Cupcakes. Use your favorite cupcake recipe (mine were from a mix with chocolate frosting!). Then decorate with purple sprinkles! No fancy cake decorating talent required, in fact the boys helped me with these.

I'm so excited for our party! We're giving paperback copies of The Gruffalo to each family as a thank you for coming, and we'll be decorating with some of these awesome Gruffalo party supplies. I'll be sure to share photos after we're done!

Are you planning a birthday party? Be sure to get a copy of my free printable Birthday Party Planner to get organized and make planning a breeze! Get it here.

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  1. Wow this all looks so delicious! The ramen pasta salad is totally genius and I love the simple "mom hack" for the owl ice cream sandwiches! Pinning it all!

    Thanks for participating in the series and contributing such an awesome post!

    1. Thank you for having us! So glad you like it!

  2. This is such a cute idea! I think you matched the matched the theme and food perfectly! Great job! ;)

  3. This is amazing thank you for making a realistic party menu and not something that A my kids ain't gonna eat and B that I'm never gonna cook cause I'm not that talented nor do I have that kinda time or budget. The gruffalo is one of our favourite books and this gave me so much inspiration for his upcoming birthday party