Save Olaf from Summer Sandbox Game

Save Olaf from melting with this fun summer sandbox activity for kids!

It's summer! We love spending as much time outside as we can in summer, and one of my boys' favorite parts of our backyard is our sandbox. They love Frozen too, and we came up with a super fun and easy game to play outside in our sandbox: Save Olaf from Summer! 

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I was searching through our craft box when I found these plastic Olaf heads. They are actually supposed to be Easter eggs, and I bought them back in April and forgot to put them out. Since Olaf loves summer, but doesn't quite know what that means, I thought we could use them for a fun summer activity. I grabbed them and headed out to our sandbox.

To set up the Save Olaf from Summer game, I buried the plastic Olafs in the sandbox, along with a few other summer sandbox toys and shovels. I filled a tub with some ice and set it next to the sandbox.

I invited the boys over and told them that Olaf needed their help! They needed to find him in the sandbox and put him in the ice before he melted.

They loved digging through the sand to find and rescue Olaf.

I think they preferred digging with their hands to using the shovels - of course!

Once they found him they made sure he wouldn't melt...

Ahhh... a happy snowman.

This was a really fun, easy to set up summer game. It's great for a Frozen themed summer party or just play time in the backyard. We loved it!

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