Dog Memory Game with Free Printable Cards

Matching and memory game based on the books Dogs, Dogs! Includes free printable cards. Perfect for dog loving toddlers & preschoolers!

With two dogs in our family, any activity involving pups is sure to be a hit with my boys. And since we love matching games, making a dog memory game was a no brainer. Earlier this month, we made a list of our favorite dog books, and one of them inspired this super fun and easy dog matching game.

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Dogs, Dogs! is a great book for toddlers and preschoolers who love dogs. With bright, colorful illustrations and rhyming text, it describes all sorts of dogs. Little dogs, lazy dogs, stubborn dogs, shaggy dogs and many more are depicted in this book. And there is a fun surprise at the end that my boys love.

Since Dogs, Dogs! celebrates all kinds of dogs, we thought it would be fun to make a matching memory game with pictures of different types of dogs. To grab your set of free printable cards, click the button below.


Once you have printed and cut out your cards, you may want to glue them to card stock or heavy paper so that they are not see through. I glued mine onto 2.75" squares of card stock and they fit great.

There are two ways to play the game depending on the age and skill level of your child. For my boys, I laid all the cards out face up and let them try to match the dogs. For older kids, or more of a challenge, turn the cards face down and play a memory game.

They loved it, and did a great job figuring out which dogs matched!

Once we had played for a while, we got our book out again. My boys found that some of the dogs on our cards looked like the dogs in the book, so we made a new game matching the cards to the pictures in the book!

This was a great activity that incorporated one of our favorite books, and was also a wonderful learning opportunity for my boys to practice their matching skills. Next we will work on playing as a memory game!

Be sure to check out all our other favorite dog books too!

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