Play Hide & Seek with Where's Spot?

Play Hide & Seek with Where's Spot - a no set up indoor activity to get toddlers moving and burn off some energy!

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This is one of my favorite go-to activities on a rainy day. It's perfect when you've got a toddler running wild and you need a quick fix because there is no set up, it's fun, and it gets kids moving! This activity was inspired by one of our favorite books, Where's Spot? by Eric Hill.

Where's Spot? has been one of our favorite books since my boys were tiny. It's a simple board book that follows a mama dog as she looks for her puppy, Spot. She looks everywhere and finds all kinds of animals, but not Spot! The text is really fun for toddlers, as it asks questions on each page: "Is he under the bed? No!"

When we need an easy activity, we get out our own stuffed version of Spot and play hide and seek. You can hide Spot and let your kids try to find him, or let them hide him while you look.

Our Spot finds all sorts of fun places to hide! As we play, I like to mimic the book and ask questions about where Spot might be. This provides a great opportunity for toddlers to work on identifying objects as well as directions like under, behind, inside, etc.

Is he behind the door?

Is he inside the box?

Is he under the table?

There he is! 

This is a perfect indoor boredom buster when you need a quick, easy game to burn off some of that toddler energy. And, it incorporates a wonderful book that your kids will want to read again and again (believe me!).

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  1. My twins loved Where's Spot too. What a cute idea to make an activity to go with it!

  2. How easy and very fun. #ToddlerFunFriday

  3. Oh super cute!! My daughter would love this activity! Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerFunFriday

  4. What a cute idea! I'll definitely be trying this one! #ToddlerFunFriday

  5. We love that book, too! This is such a cute idea! I'm pinning it and will definitely be doing it with my daughter.

  6. They were also my children favourite book. Kids love finding spot! Thank you for sharing it with us. #pintorials

  7. Love super simple ideas for learning fun like this one. We have tons of stuffed animals, too!

  8. That is SO cute! Simple and fun, perfect for busy little toddlers, thanks for linking up at favorite things Friday!

  9. So simple, yet so fun! Where's Spot is a favorite book at our house, too. Thanks for linking up with Good Tips Tuesday!


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