Easter Egg Color Matching & Stacking Activity for Preschoolers

Color matching & sorting activity for toddlers and preschoolers using recycled plastic eggs. Part of the 60 Day Junk Play challenge series.

Is it just me, or does everyone end up with a million of these little eggs around the house by the time Easter arrives? My boys love playing with them, so I thought up a fun learning activity to help them learn their colors, and do a little fine motor stacking practice too.

This is a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers that recycles plastic eggs as well as an empty cardboard egg carton. It's fantastic for color learning as well as stacking practice. And it's fun!

To play, you will need:
  • Plastic eggs in assorted colors
  • Empty cardboard egg carton
  • Markers matching your egg colors

Turn your egg carton upside down and use the markers to color the bottom of each compartment. Be sure to mix them up!

Separate your Easter egg halves. Put them in a bucket or basket and set them out with the colored egg carton. You're ready to play!

Invite your children to match the colored egg halves with the dots on the egg carton. My boys immediately picked up the idea and started stacking!

Point out the names of the different colors as you play.

You can also stack the eggs on top of each other and see how tall you can go!

My boys had so much fun with this activity! It held their attention and they wanted to play over and over again. It was a great way to recycle both our plastic eggs and an egg carton - we love simple, inexpensive activities like this!

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