DIY Dinosaur Habitat Toy Your Kids Will Love

Make a DIY dinosaur habitat toy for plastic dinosaurs that your kids will love!

My twins are dinosaur obsessed. I think it's a phase all kids go through and we are firmly in the middle of it. On any given moment in our house, we are reading dinosaur books or playing with dinosaur toys. And since I have recently discovered that stepping on a tiny plastic dinosaur is second only to a LEGO on the pain meter, I needed a way to get all those little toys up off the ground. I came up with a super fun idea that would entertain my dinosaur loving boys for hours while also becoming a handy storage spot for all their figures. Our DIY dinosaur habitat toy has been a favorite for a while now and it is so easy to put together!

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Make a DIY dinosaur habitat in a box! This super fun dinosaur activity for kids is easy to put together and provides hours of fun - and it uses natural materials so it's inexpensive too. The perfect place to play and store your toy dinosaurs - makes a great gift too!

DIY Dinosaur Habitat Toy

Here's what you need to get started with your own DIY Dinosaur Habitat, though you can get creative by finding natural & recycled materials all around you.
To make your dinosaur habitat, start with an under bed sized storage box. This is the perfect size for kids to play, and I love the fact that it has a lid so I can put it away when we are not playing with it.  It makes the perfect spot to store all those little dinosaurs!

Cut your green felt to fit and use the glue to adhere it to the inside of the box. Allow to dry. Once dried, you can begin to add the elements to your habitat. We used a small bowl to be our watering hole, and cut up a cardboard egg carton to make caves.

We also headed on a nature walk to get some rocks, leaves, sticks, and other food for our herbivores! The boys even grabbed some extra parsley from the refrigerator (I guess our dinosaurs will have fresh breath). Be creative and add your own natural and recycled elements to your habitat. This is a great opportunity to talk with your kids about how the dinosaurs lived, as well as what types of food they would have eaten. Though if your kids are like mine, they are the ones who are teaching you all about dinosaurs!

Once your habitat is complete, your kids can add their dinosaurs for hours of pretend play. My boys love to spend time in their "dinosaur world" and I love that I can close it up when it's all finished!

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