Learning Colors with Play Dough and Crayons

Learning colors with play dough and crayons! Fun color matching game for toddlers & preschoolers

My boys have been learning colors and they want to talk about the colors of everything they see! They are also big on drawing and coloring, so of course we have a lot of broken crayon pieces around the house. I was gathering them up to throw them away when I got an idea for a fun color matching game.

This is a really easy preschool activity that helps reinforce learning colors and uses materials you probably already have at home - play dough and broken crayon pieces. Of course you can use whole crayons too, or a combination of both!

Here's the set up - I put 4 balls of different colored play dough along with an assortment of crayon pieces on our table and invited the boys to come play.

As they started sticking the crayon pieces into the play dough we talked about the colors of the dough and the colors of the crayons. I gave them some prompts like, "let's put the blue crayon into the white dough."

And "which colors are in the red dough?"

They had a lot of fun making their colorful creations and practicing the names of each color. This was such an easy activity, and pretty frugal too! Instead of throwing away our broken crayons, we put them in a bag to add to our play dough kit. We'll definitely be doing this one again!

Need any of the materials in this activity? Here you go: (affiliate links)

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  1. I really love your idea for using all those broken crayons living in the bottom of my crayon stash. Thanks so much for this great color reinforcement activity. :)

  2. Simple and effective - I'm a true advocate of learning through play - thank you for this great idea!

  3. Love this idea... up cycle and educational. Oh clever you!

  4. What a brilliant idea! We're not quite ready for colour matching though I do try to do some everyday - I might have to try this one out as my daughter loves playdoh and my son prefers the crayons - I have twins too!

  5. Love this. We love doing colours and this is a great idea! :-)


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