Make a Bubble Wrap Road

Make a road with bubble wrap and tape! Truck loving toddlers will have hours of fun popping along this super easy road - a perfect indoor activity for toddlers!

I'm putting away our Christmas wrapping supplies and discovered a giant roll of bubble wrap that we didn't use. I thought instead of packing it away that I'd make something fun for us to do inside - it's way too cold to play outside today! So our Bubble Wrap Road was born.

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You only need 3 things for this activity - a big roll of bubble wrap (or any pieces you have laying around from packages), painter's tape, and toy cars.

(Note: Take care and test before using tape on wood floors. Tape can damage wood floors, especially if left on for long periods of time.)

I laid out the bubble wrap on the floor and taped the sides down with the painter's tape. I made a sort of U shape for our space.

I put small dashes of tape in the center of the wrap to make lanes.

Then I got out our big bucket of toy trucks and invited the boys to play. They loved their new "bumpy road"! We found that tractors and trucks with nubby tires make the best noise on the bubble wrap.

Of course there was plenty of bubble popping with fingers and toes too.

This was such an easy and inexpensive activity to put together - we will definitely do it again. I think our next road will include some ramps and we might even go up the walls!

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