Owl Handprint/Footprint Craft with Free Printable Background

Owl handprint footprint craft for babies & toddlers.

I love doing handprint/footprint crafts as gifts. We made owls today for my mom's birthday present - I actually didn't take any pictures while we were making them but it turned out so cute that I had to share.

I made a quick printable background for our artwork.  I used a sponge brush to paint my toddler's hand (with washable paint of course!) and placed it fingers pointing down, with the base of the fingers on the branch.  Then I repeated with his foot, with the toes pointing up.  I let them overlap a little to make the body size look right.

I painted the eyes and nose, and then used a black Sharpie for the pupils (do this after it is completely dry).  Super cute and easy. Grandma will love it!

Download the printable background here.
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