6 Ways to Celebrate Grandparent's Day (Free Printable)

Celebrate Grandparent's Day with these fun ideas and a free printable activity guide!

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Grandparents are special people. I was lucky to have a grandpa that I was very close to until he passed away when I was 15. My boys love spending time with their 3 living grandparents, and keep my dad (grandpa in heaven) close to their hearts as well.

Since 1978, the Sunday after Labor Day has been declared Grandparent's Day - a day to celebrate the older and often wiser members of our families. The ones who sometimes say yes when mom or dad would say no; the ones who hold our hands and our hearts forever. 

This year we're celebrating Grandparent's Day as part of our Family Dinner Book Club, and I have 6 fun project ideas to help you celebrate too!

6 Ways to Celebrate Grandparent's Day

Make a Family Tree

Creating a family tree is always a fun project, and sure to be one your grandparent will love to see! You can make a crafty art project (get inspired with 9 family tree activities here), or make it a homeschool project with a printable genealogy workbook here.

Send a Senior Postcard

If your grandparent lives far away they will love to receive a handmade postcard. We send them to our grandparents' friends too! This is a wonderful kindness project as well. Get the printable postcards here.

Spend the Day Together

There is nothing a grandparent loves more than spending time with their kids and grandkids. Surprise them with a visit, a fun outing, or a special meal.

Family Photo Collage

Collect family photos and make a collage to display! Grandmas love photos and yours will surely love to have a handmade collage for her home.

Interview a Grandparent

When I was in high school I interviewed my grandpa for a research paper. It was fascinating to hear his stories about serving in World War II, and I am so glad that I wrote them down to share with my own children. Spend time asking your grandparents about their lives and save their responses for future generations.

Write a Story 

You don't need to write a research paper like I did. Instead, give your child a blank book to create a story featuring their grandparent! Be sure to reada wonderful book about grandparents for inspiration, and grab a printable book template here.

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