Celebrate Groundhog Day with a FREE Printable Activity Pack

Celebrate Groundhog Day with this fun free printable set of ideas for Family Dinner Book Club!

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As Groundhog Day approaches tomorrow the big question won't be whether Phil will see his shadow or not. It's more a question of whether he can dig himself out from under all the snow! 

Either way, we will be waiting in anticipation and adding some Groundhog Day activities to our homeschool day. And featuring Groundhog Day in our Family Dinner Book Club year of celebrations too!

Celebrating Groundhog Day

This year, our Family Dinner Book Club is featuring a year of celebrations with a new holiday each month. For February, my co-hosts and I are teaming up to give you everything you need to celebrate Groundhog Day with a featured book, themed menu, and activities to do as a family.

Our book of the month, A Garden for Groundhog, introduces us to Mr. and Mrs. O'Leary, who are getting tired of eating zucchini after a groundhog eats everything else in their garden! So they launch a plan to make him his own little garden. This adorable book will get you in the mood for spring planting, so one of our featured activities is to plan a garden with your kids! 

You can find links to this activity, along with more groundhog facts, crafts, and ideas in our FREE printable Groundhog Day activity pack. Simply enter your information below to have the pack delivered straight to your email inbox!

Be sure to complete your Family Dinner Book Club experience by visiting Growing Book by Book for a list of Groundhog Day Books and Chef Sarah Elizabeth for the full Groundhog Day themed menu.

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