Build a Fairy Tale Storytelling Activity with FREE Printable Cards

Build a fairy tale with free printable cards: a fun fairy tale activity for the whole family. Perfect for a homeschool fairy tale unit too!

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Once upon a time...

How many of your favorite stories start like this? Fairy tales are one of the most popular genres, dating back hundreds of years and delighting young and old alike.

This month, our Family Dinner Book Club is celebrating Shrek, an unconventional fairy tale that definitely does not begin with the words once upon a time.  

Shrek was originally a children's book by William Steig and has become a beloved movie series. Both book and movie feature an ogre who is an unlikely hero and a crazy cast of characters.

Build a Fairy Tale Storytelling Game

For our Shrek inspired activity we created a fun storytelling game that the whole family can play, and will inspire you to create your own version of a family fairy tale!

This fairy tale storytelling game is the perfect activity to complement your Shrek themed Family Dinner Book Club night. It's super simple to set up, and fun for kids and grown ups alike. Here's how you play.

First, download and print the free printable Fairy Tale Storytelling Game below.

Then, print your cards on card stock and cut out. Shuffle the cards and place them face down.

Start with the youngest player (or take turns) and begin your fairy tale by finishing this sentence: "Once upon a time... ". Then move to the next player. They should pick a card from the pile and use the prompt to tell the next part of the story.

Play continues until you reach the "and they lived.... ever after" card and your story is complete!

My boys have had so much fun with this storytelling game! We've created stories based on Minecraft, greek mythology, and even the fairy tale adventures of our pets. 

We've even incorporated the game into our homeschool and used the cards as fairy tale writing prompts. It's a super fun way to encourage your reluctant writers to get creative!

Complete Your Family Dinner Book Club Experience

You can complete your Family Dinner Book Club experience with a Shrek themed menu from my co-host, Chef Sarah Elizabeth and more ideas for children's books and movies from Growing Book by Book.

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