Free Printable Thank You Nurses Coloring Page

Say thank you to the nurses in your community with this free printable coloring page.

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I knew nurses were heroes long before the current pandemic started sweeping the world. My mom has been an RN since the 1960s when she began her career in the Navy caring for injured soldiers during the Vietnam War, and she has always been my hero.

Growing up as the daughter of a former Navy Nurse you learn two things. First, you know that a nurse can tell your temperature to the tenth of a degree just by feeling your forehead (or maybe that's a special mom-nurse superpower). And second, you learn that nurses are incredible. They are the backbone of our health care system, and when you need help, they are the ones that you want in your corner.

The COVID-19 crisis has made us all aware of what nurses mean to our health and community. That's why this year, on National Nurses Day, it's important that we say thank you to the nurses in our lives. I'm making it easy for you to do just that with a free printable Thank You Nurses coloring page!

This free printable coloring page is a great way to show the nurses in your life, or in your community, how much you appreciate them. We are planning to print them out to color and mail to my mom, and to hang in our windows as well!

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This printable is a great way to show your appreciation on National Nurses Day and every day. Encourage your kids to color the printable and add their own messages of thanks for the nurses they know. It's a wonderful act of kindness and a perfect thank you for our healthcare heroes!

National Nurses Day is on Wednesday, May 6, 2020. Click here to learn more!

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