Easy DIY Paper Advent Tree Forest

This adorable advent tree forest looks great with your Christmas decor and is such an easy holiday craft even kids can make it!

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There's nothing more exciting than the countdown to Christmas. I love advent calendars of all kinds, and I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate a Christmas countdown into our holiday decor.

This year, I'm super excited about this simple DIY project that looks adorable in your home and helps you track the days until Christmas. It requires just a few supplies and is so easy that even the kids can make it!

Want to have an advent tree forest in your house this year? Keep reading to find out how!

DIY Paper Tree Advent Forest

Supplies needed:


1. Begin by cutting the craft paper into a pointed arch as shown. You can make these cut outs as big or as small as you wish, since your trees will range in size and width.

2. Roll the craft paper into a paper cone. Secure the cone with either a few dabs of glue or tape. We found clear tape to be easiest to use and it secured the cones well.

3. Trim the bottom of the cone so that it is even. This will help the cones sit evenly and not lean.

4. Continue until you have cones in various colors and sizes. You want 25 cones in all, one for each day leading up to and including Christmas.

5. Place the peel and stick numbers on the cones. Number them 1-25.

That's it! Now you can use your Advent trees in two different ways. You can add a tree to your "forest" starting on December 1st and continue to add one each day until the 25th.

Or, you can place out the entire forest and place a treat under each cone. Let children (or pets!) enjoy the treat under the designated cone for the day.

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