Make a Christmas Card Organizer to Stock Up for the Season

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No one likes to admit it, but we've all had one.

A holiday gift emergency.

Maybe it's someone you forgot to put on your list or a last-minute party invitation. Whatever the case, we've all been in that position where we need a holiday gift or card at the last minute—when the stores are closed and delivery deadlines have passed.

I'll admit this has happened to me more than once over the years, but not anymore! Now, I have a simple holiday hack that helps me stay organized and ready for any occasion—and I'm letting you in on the secret so you'll never be unprepared again.

When it comes to being prepared for the holidays, nothing is more versatile than having a supply of greeting cards on hand.

Whether you want to send a "thank you" for an unexpected gift, dress up a gift card, or spread holiday cheer, American Greetings has the perfect card for everyone on your list. And when you shop at Safeway, you can stock up on adorable cards for every occasion while you shop for the things your family needs every day. Just head to the card aisle and you'll find the perfect American Greetings card for all your holiday needs.

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Once you've stocked up on American Greetings cards at Safeway, you can get organized for the season. Here's how.

DIY Christmas Card Organizer

The secret to being prepared for any gift giving occasion is having a supply of holiday cards on hand in one spot where you can easily find what you need. I do this with a DIY Christmas Card Organizer that I can carry with me when I need to. It's simple to make your own!

To make a Christmas Card organizer, you'll need:

  • Small plastic bin with a lid and handle. You'll want something that is approximately 8-10 inches wide and 6 inches tall to fit larger cards. 
  • Cardstock 
  • Marker
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Label (you can download mine here to use with a cutting machine, or simply print on label paper and cut yourself).

Start by deciding what categories of cards you need. I have sections for gift card holders, cards for friends/neighbors, cards for family, kids' cards, and funny cards. 

Once you have your categories, you'll need to make dividers so each category has a section. Measure and cut a piece of card stock to fit inside your bin. Leave a tab on top of each divider and label with your categories.

Finally, add your label to the front of your bin and your Christmas Card Organizer is ready!

Christmas Card Organizing Tips

There are a few extras you should store inside your Christmas Card Organizer, too. A pen is a must! I also keep a small stash of gift cards to popular stores and restaurants as well.

I love giving gift cards, but I always hate that they look so small and impersonal. That's one of the reasons I always make sure to give gift cards inside American Greetings cards. It gives me the chance to add a more personal touch, and there are so many fresh designs to choose from!

American Greetings holiday cards let me send a little joy to the people in my world. In this day of email and text, I love sending cards to friends and family to give them a special, personal message they can hold in their hands (and that looks great on display, too!).

Stock up on holiday cards for the whole season at Safeway, and spread some joy in your world this year.

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