Book Club Questions for The House We Grew Up In

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A word of caution before you choose Lisa Jewell's The House We Grew Up In for your next book club discussion. You may not be able to put it down.

This was one of those drop-everything-else-you're-doing kind of page turners with lots of family drama to keep your club talking. It's our Mom's Book Nook pick for this month and these are just a few of the questions that we will be tackling in this month's book club chat.

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Thought provoking book club questions for The House We Grew Up  In by Lisa Jewell. This is a great pick for your next book club and you will love these discussion questions! Find out how to join our online book club too. #bookclub #bookchat #books #read

The House We Grew Up In 

On a seemingly normal Easter weekend in 1991, life changes forever for the Bird family. Eccentric mother Lorelei, gentle father Colin, daughters Meg and Beth, and twin sons Rory and Rhys are the picture-perfect family, until tragedy alters the course of their lives forever.

In the aftermath, Lorelei’s seemingly harmless habits spiral out of control while her grown-up children must deal with the events of their past and the ramifications on their future.

Can they heal their now broken family? Lorelei brings them together one last time to find out.

Book Club Questions for The House We Grew Up In

Many readers/reviewers had a difficult time reading The House We Grew Up In because of Lorelei’s hoarding. Did you have a difficult time with this subject matter?

How did Lorelei’s hoarding affect her family members? Could they have addressed this differently and changed the course of her illness, or was she doomed from the start?

Why do you think Lorelei was drawn to an internet relationship with Jim? What about an internet relationship would be appealing to Lorelei?

Why do you think so many members of the Bird family were drawn to other members of their family/extended family? Discuss the underlying tone of "incestuous" relationships throughout the book.

How did your feelings towards Rhys change throughout the novel? Did you feel that you knew him as a character or was he a mystery?

Lorelei held on to things as a replacement for memories. Did this make sense to you on any level? Why or why not?

How did this novel change the way you think about family?

What role did Molly play in the novel? Why was she able to accept certain people (Rory) and situations (Colin and Kayleigh's relationship) more easily than other characters?

In this novel, the house is almost as much of a character as the people inside. Discuss how the house itself affects the story.

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