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The end of summer always comes too soon. It seems like we are celebrating the 4th of July one minute and shopping for back-to-school the next.

I try to savor each moment of summer, which is why we've made it a tradition to throw an end of summer party. An end of summer party is a great way to celebrate the last days of summer break, and it gives the kids a chance to catch up with soon-to-be-new classmates.

Throwing an end of summer party is easy, especially when you shop the

Throwing an end of summer party is easy, especially when you shop the Safeway Anniversary Sale or crowd pleasers like DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza, Capri Sun Fruit Punch, and Drumstick Ice Cream Cones. Add in my free summer party printables and you'll be ready to celebrate the end of summer in style.

End of Summer Party Prep Made Simple

An end of summer party does not need to be a lot of work. Start by making a menu of summer favorites. Safeway makes it easy with their Anniversary Sale, happening July 31-August 13.

Our end of summer party menu includes food that kids and adults can agree on: pepperoni pizza, fruit punch, and of course, ice cream cones. And I was able to use the Safeway mobile app to find out what was on sale and even add coupons to my club card. How easy is that?

Using the Safeway mobile app means that I never have to remember to bring coupons with me to the store because they are already preloaded onto my club card. It's a total mom win, and I was able to get everything on my party list plus my regular groceries in one trip!

I purchased these products and more at my local Safeway, but you can also shop Anniversary Sale and save at any of the Safeway Companies Family of Stores. Visit the Safeway website to find a store near you and discover some fun meal-prep tips and recipe ideas!

Once I had my shopping done, it was time to get the party prep underway. I made a cute summer-themed party invitation and a matching garland banner, and I have them both as a free printable for your end of summer party too!

This printable set includes an invitation that you can use to invite friends and neighbors to your end of summer party and a matching banner garland. To make the garland, simply cut out the triangles and punch a hole in each corner. String a ribbon through the holes and your garland is ready to hang.

You can print as many copies as you need to make the garland to your desired length. I found that 8 triangles was perfect for our deck railing.

In addition to your printables, you'll need tablecloths, paper plates and napkins to set your table. 

Instead of needing extra cups, I set out a bin filled with Capri Sun fruit punch pouches. My kids and their friends all love Capri Sun so this is a perfect solution.

While I was setting the table, I let my DiGiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza bake in the oven. Summer is made for pizza parties, and DiGiorno is much less expensive and just as tasty as delivery. 

No summer party would be complete without ice cream, and Drumstick ice cream cones are always a crowd pleaser. I repurposed a utensil holder to make it easy to set the cones out for dessert and it worked perfectly!

Thanks to Safeway, I was able to get everything we needed for our end of summer party and stay under budget. Having a fun get-together is the perfect way to wrap up our summer break and might even make going back to school a little easier.

The products mentioned in this post are on sale at Albertsons Companies retailers from July 31st  - August 13th. Products on sale at Safeway retailers may differ.

Ready to shop the Safeway Anniversary Sale? Find the store near you here.

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Host a fun end of summer party with free printables! Includes watermelon party invitations and a watermelon party banner. Super easy ways to celebrate the end of summer with friends and family! #ad #summer #party #printables

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