Easy Clothespin Firefly Craft for Kids

Make this easy clothespin firefly craft with your kids to celebrate the beginning of summer!

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Mommy, I see fireflies!

It's one of the first signs that summer is coming. My son is looking out his window at bedtime and sees little dots of light in the night sky. Fireflies.

After I tucked him in, I started thinking about this month's Family Dinner Book Club project. This month we are focusing on the Rainforest and all the creatures that call it home. Then it hit me. Those same fireflies that brighten our backyard in summer also make the rainforest their home. So for our Family Dinner Book Club activity we decided to make a clothespin firefly craft to celebrate these summer visitors that remind us that the world is smaller than we think.

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Family Dinner Book Club Explores the Rainforest

This year our Family Dinner Book Club lineup is filled with books to help kids make a difference in their world. Our June theme is the Rainforest, and our featured book is The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rainforest by Lynne Cherry.

This gorgeous picture book celebrates the great diversity of life that calls the rainforest home, and helps kids to understand why we need to protect this vital part of our planet.

Did you know that....
  • the Amazon rainforest is home to 10% of the world's animal species?
  • the rainforest is home to more than 2.5 million species of insects?
  • the Amazon rainforest produces approximately 20% of the world's oxygen? 

Get more interesting Amazon rainforest facts here.

Fireflies are just one of the millions of insects that call the rainforest home. They also call our neighborhoods home, so they are one of the rainforest creatures we can help protect in our own backyards. Click here to see how to help protect fireflies in your community.

Clothespin Firefly Craft

We're starting by making a super fun clothespin firefly craft. Here's what you need to make one too!

Clothespin Firefly Craft Directions

Begin by applying two coat of green craft paint to the top half of the pins. Allow the paint to dry well before proceeding.

Next, apply two coats of yellow or glow in the dark craft paint to the bottom half of the pins. Allow to dry.

While the paint dries you can create the firefly wings. Fold the yellow or green pipe cleaners into a figure 8 shape. Use the remaining pipe cleaner to tighten the middle of the formation.

Add a pair of googly eyes to the top, green half of the firefly. Just a dab of glue will do. Hold in place until dry.

Now, secure the wings in place. You can use craft glue or simply press the wings between the center of the clothespin where there is tension.  Your little fireflies can now be displayed. You can clip them on plants, curtains, anywhere you wish!

Complete Your Family Dinner Book Club Experience

To get the full Family Dinner Book Club experience, head over to Growing Book by Book for the full list of rainforest books for kids, then to Sarah at Chef Sarah Elizabeth for a delicious rainforest themed menu.

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