How to Make a Healthy Spring Survival Kit for Moms

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It usually hits me right after Valentine's Day: spring fever. The point when I am completely done with winter and I start counting the days until it is warm and sunny again.

In our family, spring means opening the windows and spending as much time outside as we can. With 6-year-old twin boys, that also means plenty of mud, sweat, and tears. This year, I'm prepared for everything the season has to offer with my Healthy Spring Survival Kit filled with essentials from Johnson & Johnson.

When you're a mom, you need to be ready to take care of your family no matter what they get into. That's why stocking a spring survival kit is one of the first things I do to get ready for the season. I know that warmer weather means more time outside, with the potential for bumps and scrapes. And as the flowers and trees start to bloom, our family will be hit with seasonal allergies.

Fortunately, Johnson & Johnson has everything I need to take care of my family so we can stay healthy and not miss a moment of spring fun

Healthy Spring Essentials

Stocking your spring survival kit with Johnson & Johnson products is a no-brainer; they are the brands that I have used and trusted for years. And right now, they are making it super easy to get everything you need for spring!

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There are so many Johnson & Johnson products that our family uses, it was easy for me to spend $30 to take advantage of this offer. Keep in mind that you do have to shop in-store (online receipts will not be accepted). I was able to get everything for my spring survival kit in one trip, and all I have to do now is upload my receipt and I'll have $10 back to spend on myself!

So, what do you need to pick up to have a fully stocked healthy spring survival kit? Let's take a peek inside mine.

Inside Mom's Spring Survival Kit

My spring survival kit is ready for anything, from boo boos to achoos. Inside, you'll find Johnson & Johnson products that my family uses and trusts like:

  • Adult Tylenol Rapid Release Gels. Because mama gets sore muscles from pushing those swings.
  • Children's Motrin. This is a must-have for any season as you never know when a fever or aches and pains will strike.
  • Zyrtec. This is my choice for seasonal allergies and a spring essential to keep me going.
  • Children's Benadryl. A nurse once told me that every house with kids should have Children's Benadryl on hand for emergencies. And with my son's seasonal allergies we always do!
  • Johnson's Baby Hand & Face Wipes. I've used these since my twins were tiny, and they are a staple for spring. These wipes are gentle for little hands and faces and are perfect to wipe away dirt & germs. 
  • Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages and Neosporin Original Ointment. Active kids means dealing with cuts and scrapes, so any mom survival kit would not be complete without these first aid necessities.
Make sure you don't forget to go to either on your mobile device or your desktop computer, enter your information, and submit the image of your full receipt by 04/10/2019.

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