How to Make a Wishing Tree for Kids

Learn how to make a wishing tree with this month's Family Dinner Book Club activity.

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So many wishes. Grand and goofy, selfish and sweet. -- Katherine Applegate, Wishtree

If you had a wishing tree, what would you wish for? Something for yourself, for those you love, or those you may not even know. Or a wish for the world?

This month's Family Dinner Book Club pick,  Wishtree by Katherine Applegate, invites us to think about how we can turn our wishes into a way to welcome those around us, and accept that what makes us different actually makes us all better.

Family Dinner Book Club: Respect & Inclusion

This month, our Family Dinner Book Club is focusing on respect and inclusion, with our featured book Wishtree.

In this story, Red is an old oak tree who serves as a wishing tree in her community. But when a new family moves to town, Red's job is more important than ever as she helps those around her learn to be welcoming to everyone.

This topic is more important than ever right now, and one that every family should discuss. And Family Dinner Book Club makes that easier with a list of books about respect & inclusion  and conversation starters from Jodie at Growing Book by Book, a themed menu from Sarah at Chef Sarah Elizabeth, and our wishing tree activity and service project ideas.

How to Make a Wishing Tree

Making your own wish tree is simple. Here's what you need.

  • Small cards
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Markers and pens
Take your blank cards (I cut 3x5 index cards in half) and punch a hole in the top corner. Cut a small length of ribbon through the hole and tie tightly.

After reading Wishtree together with your family, talk about the ways that you can make wishes for yourselves and for those around you to make everyone feel welcome and included. Encourage everyone to write down a wish for both themselves and for others.

Once your cards are finished, you can take them outdoors to hang on your very own wishing tree. We've decided to make a tree in our backyard our wish tree.

You can extend this family activity into a community service project by writing wishes for your friends and neighbors and hanging them on trees around your neighborhood. It is a wonderful way to spread kindness and to let people know that others care about them.

You can even leave blank cards that say "I wish..." and encourage everyone to start a wish tree tradition in your neighborhood or at your school.

The publishers of Wishtree have also put together a wonderful set of resources themed around the book to help encourage conversations around respect and inclusion. Find them all here, including free printables that you can use on your own wishing tree!

Complete Your Family Dinner Book Club Experience

Make the most of your Family Dinner Book Club experience with a respect & inclusion themed menu from Sarah of Chef Sarah Elizabeth, and a list of books about respect from Growing Book by Book.

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Make a wishing tree for your family! Inspired by Wishtree, this month's Family Dinner Book Club activity is about respect and inclusion, and a wish tree is the perfect fit. Makes a great community service project or a random act of kindness idea for kids. #familydinnerbookclub #serviceproject #wishtree #randomactofkindness

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