Why Moms Will Love the Onelink Safe & Sound

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Smoke detectors are one of those things that everyone has but no one really thinks about. Except when we watch This Is Us, but that is a whole other story.

I knew my smoke detector would keep my family safe in case of a fire, but didn't expect anything else until I had the chance to try out the new Onelink Safe & Sound from First Alert. It keeps you safe by detecting smoke, but it does so much more that any mom would love to have it in her home.

Why Moms Will Love the Onelink Safe & Sound

Of course, the Onelink Safe & Sound is an effective smoke detector that keeps your family safe in the event of a fire. But it does so much more than that! Moms are experts at multitasking, so we expect the things in our home to be able to do the same. The Onelink Safe & Sound won't let you down.

In addition to smoke, the Onelink Safe & Sound is also a carbon monoxide detector. It has an intelligent alarm that alerts you not only to the danger but to its location. No more wondering which alarm is sounding when a clear voice lets you know immediately.

But there is even more that the Onelink Safe & Sound can do. It also works as a premium home speaker and has Alexa built right in. Seriously, this is genius! And the best part is it is super simple to install, and works with your existing hardwired system.

We've replaced smoke detectors in our home before and Onelink Safe & Sound was by far the easiest, with included adaptors that let us just plug it right in. No fooling around with wires or caps, just plug and go.

Once it was installed in the ceiling, all I had to do was download the free Onelink app and it easily walked me through the setup. It was simple to customize my device and sync it to my phone so that I can get alerts and alarms remotely. It's a welcome layer of extra security for my family knowing that I can be alerted to fire or carbon monoxide emergencies when I'm not home. With pets in our family this is an important feature that I'm glad we now have.

We installed our Onelink Safe & Sound in my kids' upstairs playroom so we could take full advantage of its other cool features: the premium home speaker and Alexa built right in.

Our playroom is my favorite room in the house. It's comfortable and inviting, and we've made a decision that it is a screen free zone. But we love to listen to music (and have dance parties), so I needed an easy, kid-friendly solution to let us access our Amazon music collection. 

This is where the Onelink Safe & Sound turns totally genius. It has a premium home speaker for an awesome music experience. And all you have to do is ask Alexa to crank up the tunes and the family dance party is on!

You can also access all of Alexa's cool features, like checking the weather or reordering your favorites on Amazon. I love having all of this in one small unit right in our ceiling (and yes, you can easily turn the microphone off if you need to so the kids don't go on a shopping spree without you). There's even a nightlight that you can customize to your favorite color. How cool is that?

As a mom, I'm a firm believer in multitasking. And I want the things in my home to work as hard as I do. That's why moms will love this Onelink Safe & Sound. It protects our families while also being a virtual assistant to help us get things done, and have a little fun too. It makes life a little easier  and more enjoyable. Who can argue with that?

Learn more about the Onelink Safe & Sound by watching the video below, then click here for more details!

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Moms are experts at multitasking and we need the things in our home to be too! That's why moms love the Onelink Safe & Sound. It's a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, premium speaker and Alexa assistant all in one. #ad #ONELINKSTORY #smarthome #homeautomation #alexa

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