Easy Homemade Bug Lotion for the Whole Family (with Free Printable Labels)

Homemade bug lotion made with kid safe essential oils and free printable bottle labels.

Every summer, my mom used to tell me that I must be made of sugar. This was her gentle way of trying to make me feel better about the fact that mosquitos love me. I don't know why, but if there is a mosquito anywhere in the vicinity, it will find me and bite. My boys don't seem to have quite as much of a problem with this, but they are still "bugged" by the gnats and other flying creatures in our backyard. So this year, instead of stinky sprays, I'm using this homemade bug lotion to keep those pesky insects at bay.

This formula is all natural, super easy to make, and safe for kids. My guys love it and declare "no more bugs!" every time we use it. I've got the how to on making it for your family, plus cute labels for your bug lotion bottles too.

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Easy Homemade Bug Lotion

This homemade bug lotion has just 2 ingredients and is really simple to make. Here's what you need.

I like to use Plant Therapy's Shield Me essential oil synergy for this recipe because they have done all of the work for me to create a blend that bugs won't like but safe for my kids. 

PS - most aromatherapists recommend using essential oils only on children over 2. If your kids are younger, or you are nursing or pregnant, please consult your doctor first. I'm not a doctor or an aromatherapist, just a mom sharing what works for our family for informational purposes only.

First, you need to measure out 2 oz. of lotion. Measuring lotion and getting it into the bottle is nearly impossible without making a huge mess, so here's my trick. 

Measure 2 oz (1/4 cup) of water and pour it into your bottle. Use a wet erase marker to mark the 2 oz. line on your bottle. Then dump the water out and let dry. 

Now you can easily pump the lotion straight into the bottle up to your fill line. Then erase the mark. Easy peasy.

I use a 3 oz bottle for this recipe. You want to use a bottle that gives you enough room to mix your lotion.

Next, add in 40 drops of Shield Me essential oil.

Once the oil is in, close the cap tightly and shake until the oil is well mixed into the lotion.

That's it! Your homemade bug lotion is done. But you'll want to label the bottle so that you know what's inside. I've made this easy with free printable labels.

You can download them for free by clicking the button below. 


They will come on a single page with 6 labels per page. I recommend printing on sticker paper. Then you can simply cut them out and stick them onto the bottle.

To use, simply rub on exposed arms and legs when you'll be outside and the bugs are bothersome. A little goes a long way with this lotion so use sparingly at first until you get used to the consistency (it's wonderful for the skin). And your entire family can enjoy the outdoors and say "bye bye bugs."

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Easy homemade bug lotion for the whole family! This natural bug lotion is made with kid safe essential oils and is simple to make with only 2 ingredients. And it comes with FREE printable bottle labels! You'll want to have this bug lotion on hand for the spring and summer to keep insects from bugging your family. Makes a great gift too! #essentialoils #DIY #homemade #printable

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