Inspirational Lunch Box Notes for Kids | Free Printable

Help your kids through the day with these inspirational lunch box notes featuring positive messages they need to hear.

Have you ever heard of the "Magic Ratio?" Researchers say that for every one negative interaction, you need five positive ones to counteract it. It's true for most everything, and something that we need to keep in mind as parents who want to foster strong, loving relationships with our kids.

So what does this have to do with lunch boxes? Everything.

Our kids hear a lot of negative things out in the big world. And no matter how positive and encouraging we are at home, there will be times that they are struggling, and its often at school. Maybe they had a hard time with a test, a conflict with a classmate, or a rough time on the playground. Whatever it is, our kids can always use encouragement and a positive thought in their day.

That's why I love these inspirational lunch box notes. They are the perfect thing to give your child a pick me up on those tough days (and we never know which days those will be). And I have them here as free printables for your kids too!

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Inspirational Lunch Box Notes for Kids

No matter what's going on in your child's day, they will love to find a surprise note in their lunch box with a positive message and an inspirational thought. I'm a big fan of lunch box notes and have been since my mom made them for me many years ago. These notes are perfect for kids of any age, and their messages are exactly what they need to hear.

With phrases like "You Are Valuable" and "Your Ideas Matter," these notes will brighten anyone's day. And will help your child to remember how much you care while you're apart during the day.

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There are 8 unique designs on one page. You can download them by clicking on the button below.


I recommend printing on card stock for best results. Simply download, print, cut out, and have them ready for whenever your child needs a little boost (or any day!).

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