Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids with Free Printable Clues

This fun indoor scavenger hunt with free printable clues makes a perfect rainy day activity kids will love.

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There's nothing better than when your kids fall in love with one of your childhood favorites. This just happened to us as my boys have discovered Scooby-Doo. They're totally obsessed with Shaggy, Scooby, and the gang and of course now they want to become mystery solvers too.

Since we are facing another snow day and stuck inside, I thought that an indoor scavenger hunt would be just the thing for my little detectives. They had a blast following the clues and solving the riddles to a fun surprise at the end, and I have it here as a free printable for your kids too!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

We love scavenger hunts. We've chased runaway gingerbread men at Christmas, and even had a leprechaun leave us clues to find a pot of gold on St. Patrick's Day.

Indoor scavenger hunts are great rainy day activities for kids, helping them to burn off extra energy as they run around chasing clues. It also helps hone reading and thinking skills, as they have to figure out each clue to find the next one. 

This scavenger hunt is perfect for any time you need a little indoor fun. With 10 printable clues plus 2 blank cards you can customize, you can create a fun mystery for your kids to solve for any occasion.

Setting Up Your Scavenger Hunt

Start by downloading the indoor scavenger hunt clues and instructions. You can get them for free delivered right to your email below.

The set includes 2 pages of clues: 10 that are pre-printed and 2 blank cards if you'd like to create your own. There is also an instructions page to help you set up the scavenger hunt around your house.

Once you print the set, simply cut out the cards. I recommend printing the cards on card stock and using a paper cutter to make cutting easier.

Then follow the instructions to leave the clues around the house.

Once everything is set up, give your kids the first clue card and set them loose to solve the mystery! You can include a surprise gift at the end to make it even more fun.

We had so much fun with this scavenger hunt! My little detectives followed the clues and at the end we celebrated with a DVD and popcorn for a fun movie night (they LOVE this LEGO Scooby Doo movie!) It was a great activity to keep us busy on a cold and icy day, and would be super fun for a playdate or birthday party too!

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