Game Day Party Essentials Everyone Will Love

An easy and delicious game day party menu that will please the entire crowd.

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Getting ready for game day is a big deal in our house. We love to gather with friends to watch the big game every year and of course, one of the highlights is the food (especially since our favorite team doesn't make the playoffs very often).

When planning a game day menu, there are a few things you need to make it perfect. The food needs to be easy to prepare because no one wants to spend game time in the kitchen. It needs to be easy to eat in front of the TV, and feature flavors that will please all your guests.

This year our game day menu fits the bill and is sure to have something everyone will love - no matter how the game turns out.

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Game Day Party Essentials Everyone Will Love

For our game day parties, I love to set out a variety of easy finger foods that adults and kids alike will enjoy. This year I have a few tried and true favorites and some new additions that will definitely be fan favorites! Here's a peek at some of my game day party essentials.

Dippable Appetizers

My favorite party food is easy appetizers with a yummy variety of dipping sauces. This year, I'm serving simple meatballs served with RAGÚ® Old World Style Sauce and soft pretzel bites with RAGÚ® Double Cheddar Sauce

RAGÚ® sauces make the best appetizers even better. They are not just for pasta (though they are perfect for your favorite dish). RAGÚ® Old World Style Traditional Sauce is a classic taste to pair with meatballs for dipping (and it contains two servings of vegetables in every 1/2 cup of sauce. Mom win!).

RAGÚ® Double Cheddar Sauce is super yummy as a pretzel dip and it also makes the best mac & cheese. It's perfect for game day or any day!

Can't Miss Chips

Chips are a staple of any game day gathering. This year's pick is a delicious twist on an old favorite: Garden of Eatin'® corn chips.

These are not your boring old corn chips. With three delicious varieties made with quality, NON-GMO ingredients, Garden of Eatin'® chips will be a hit with your guests. Trust me, The BBQ Black Bean chips are amazing. My kids love the Blue Corn Chips and I love that I am giving them an organic corn chip that is a better-for-you snack.

Sandwiches and Fries

Sandwiches, burgers and fries are staples of stadium food and perfect for a big game party. You can make it super easy this year with BIG AZ® sandwiches. Try the BIG AZ® Sriracha Chicken Sandwich with cheese for a little bit of a kick with its tangy-sweet hot sauce. 

BIG AZ® sandwiches are perfect for any appetite (and any time). They are filling and fresh tasting (my favorite is the cheeseburger), with a soft bun you'll have to try to believe.

Find BIG AZ® sandwiches in convenience stores nationwide and see all the varieties here.

Of course if you serve burgers you have to serve fries, and this year I decided to make things healthier with homemade sweet potato fries made in my new Midea Air Fryer.

This air fryer is absolutely amazing and is quickly becoming my new favorite kitchen appliance. While I might love the taste of fried foods, I'm not a fan of the mess and extra fat that comes along with deep frying. The Midea air fryer eliminates both, using super heated air to make your favorite foods crispy and delicious with just a tiny bit of oil. You can grill, bake, and roast in it too!

Making homemade fries in the air fryer was a cinch and clean up was a breeze. My fries were crispy and delicious and I love the fact that they are better for us too!

Learn more about the Midea MFTN3501 Air Fryer here.

Your fries won't be complete without dipping, and for a ketchup with real tomato flavor (and lower sugar and sodium) Red Duck Foods' Organic Smoky Ketchup is the way to go. It has a hint of sweet and a little smoky flavor that makes it perfect for just about anything - you can even include it in your favorite recipes that call for tomato paste.

I love to dip sweet potato fries in BBQ sauce too and Red Duck's Smoked Applewood Molasses BBQ Sauce is the perfect complement to the crispy sweet fries. It's organic, made with whole, honest ingredients and tastes amazing. Nothing but the best for game day!

Check out all the Red Duck Foods flavors here and use the code BABBLEBOXX for 25% off any purchase through February 28, 2018.

Meat and Cheese Board

Our game day party wouldn't be complete without a sampling of meat and cheese, and this year I'm making it super easy with Formaggio Italian Cheeses.

Fresh Mozzarella cheese is one of my favorite foods and it's easy to see why Formaggio Cheese's is award winning. Hand tossed in their famous marinade of herbs and spices, it's yummy all on its own.

It's also amazing paired with their Artisan Wraps: Italian style meats wrapped around a length of fresh mozzarella for a truly delicious taste. 

You can find the Artisan Wraps and Fresh Mozzarella at Sam's Club and Costco, already prepared and ready for you to unpack and serve. It makes creating the perfect meat and cheese board super simple: just add some fresh tomatoes, crackers, olives, or even fruit for a display your guests will devour!

See the entire line of Formaggio Italian Cheeses here.

Whether your team wins or loses (or isn't even playing, like mine), with these party essentials you are sure to have a winning game day spread that everyone will love. 

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