Awesome Robots for Kids to Get Things Done

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When I was a kid, the idea of having a robot that helped with your chores was something you only saw on The Jetsons. But for my own kids, it's a whole different story. We've had a robot that vacuums since before they were born (of course we call her Rosie) so the idea of robots helping around the house is something that they've always known.

Now that my 5 year old twins are responsible for certain chores around the house, I knew that giving them robot helpers of their own would make the work even more fun! These awesome robots for kids help get the job done when it's time to tidy up and so much more.

Making Clean Up Less of a Chore

Since they were toddlers, I've encouraged my boys to help tidy up their own toys. It helps keep our home more organized while also teaching them to be responsible for their things. As they've gotten a little older, we've added in more chores to our daily routine as well. There are a lot of things that I've done to help get them started with chores, including trying to make their jobs less like work and more fun. 

I want my kids to understand that doing chores is not a punishment, but simply their responsibilities as part of our family. And one of the ways that we've made cleaning up much more fun is by introducing these robot helpers to lend a hand.

Meet the Bot Squad™

Just like Mommy has Rosie, my boys now have their own robots to help with their daily chores. GRiP and Joe Plow are hard-working members of the BotSquad who take on big jobs with a can-do attitude. My boys could not love them more. 

They are the dynamic duo that puts the fun in getting it done! With their bright LED eyes, over 50 funny phrases & sounds, and can-do attitude, no job is too big for the BotSquad™.

Full of personality, GRiP and Joe have different personalities, have fun on their own but work together to get the job done, just like my twins. It was really interesting to see how they each gravitated to the robot that was most like them - my son who is rough and tumble immediately took to Joe Plow, while my more precise and meticulous twin claimed GRiP as his own.

Both bots come with a remote control and bricks they can move around. They are also Lego compatible, which is awesome since Legos are the chief source of clean up duty around our playroom these days. Never fear, because Joe Plow can move piles of bricks easily!

For more precise pick ups, GRiP is your guy. GRiP is a jack-of-all-trades who loves to grab stuff and haul it around for you. My son loves operating his arms and seeing what he can pick up next. You can also build into GRiP's detachable truck bed with the included bricks.

GRiP also makes a great building buddy, and is ready to lend an arm to help you with your construction projects. They’re unlike any construction or truck toy you’ve ever seen of their kind. They are the only RC robotic construction toy for juniors with real pulling and plowing action - not kid powered!

The Bot Squad™has totally changed tidy up time in our house for the better - my boys love working with their new robot helpers and they actually want to clean up their toys more often. And I love that the Bot Squad™ has comparable features to competing products but at a more value price point.

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