Easy DIY Christmas Glitter Tree Centerpiece

This pretty DIY Christmas Glitter Tree centerpiece is so easy kids can make it too!

When I was a teenager, my family spent a Christmas in France. My sister was studying there for a year, and instead of bringing her home for the holidays my parents decided to take our family to visit her. It was a magical vacation (our last as a family of 5 as my brother met his wife to be shortly after), and one I will never forget.

So when I realized that our Family Dinner Book Club selection for November was set in France, and around Christmas, I knew that I had the perfect craft to make. Inspired by the story and my own Christmas spent in Paris, this easy DIY Christmas Glitter Tree is the perfect centerpiece for your dinner table this holiday season.

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The Family Under the Bridge

Family Dinner Book Club is a really fun way to bring families together over great books, delicious food, and easy crafts and service projects. Each month, my co-hosts and I bring you everything you need for a family evening centered around a children's book.

Jodie from Growing Book by Book brings you conversation starters and service projects tied to the book, Sarah from Chef Sarah Elizabeth creates a delicious themed menu, while I give you a simple craft or activity. This year, we are going "around the world" and each month's book features a different country.

This month's choice is The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson. A Newbery award winner, the book is set in Paris and brings you the story of Armand and the family that enters his life shortly before Christmas. It's a wonderful tale that is perfect for the holidays, and reminds you of the importance of family.

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Though we certainly didn't stay under a bridge, this story brought me back to spending Christmas with my family in Paris so many years ago. And one of my favorite memories of that trip inspired our craft project.

On Christmas Eve, as we headed back to our hotel after a day of sightseeing, my mom realized that we didn't have a Christmas tree. She stopped at a market and bought a centerpiece, made from sticks that I believe was supposed to represent a Buche de Noel or a Yule log.

For our craft this month, I'm making our own centerpiece inspired by a Buche de Noel, while also representing the family tree and the simplicity of a homemade Christmas. This is a super easy craft that kids can do too!

Here's what you need to make your own Glitter Tree centerpiece.

Easy DIY Christmas Glitter Tree Centerpiece

For this project, you'll first need to head outside and collect some good sized twigs and sticks. This is a great opportunity for a Fall family nature walk! Then, you'll need:

Start by separating your cotton balls to look like snow and placing them into the bottom of the mason jar, filling it approximately 1/4 full. You can sprinkle a little glitter on top for some extra sparkle.

Next, break off any extra long sticks into sizes that will fit in your mason jar. You'll want varying lengths but nothing too long so that your centerpiece stays balanced.

Choose a stick and use a paintbrush to coat the top half with glue.

Then dip the glue covered portion in your glitter. Be sure it's covered completely!

Place the stick inside your jar and allow it to dry. Repeat with all of the sticks until you are finished.

Next, measure a length of red ribbon to wrap around the top of the jar. Glue it on, then secure with the raffia. Allow all the glue to dry completely and your centerpiece is complete and ready to adorn your Family Dinner Book Club table!

Complete Your Family Dinner Book Club Experience

Experience the entire Family Dinner Book Club project for this month by heading over to Growing Book by Book for your conversation starters, and to Chef Sarah Elizabeth for a themed menu. And share your dinner with us on Facebook - we love to see your photos.

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