Printable Christmas Music Bingo with 3 Fun Ways to Play

This printable Christmas bingo game is perfect for all ages with 3 fun ways to play

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I love Christmas music. Seriously. I refuse to decorate before Thanksgiving but I will fully admit to cranking up the Christmas songs as soon as we finish trick or treating. That's why I am so excited about this new printable Christmas bingo game because it celebrates Christmas music with 3 fun ways to play!

Christmas Music Bingo Game for the Whole Family

I'm always looking for fun Christmas games to play with my family. And when it incorporates Christmas music it's even better! This printable Christmas music bingo game is perfect for all kinds of holiday gatherings - from the classroom to Christmas parties or even in the car, it's a fun game the entire family will enjoy. Here's how it works.

Start with the Christmas Music Bingo set.

You'll get 8 Bingo cards and 2 pages of clue cards (24 clues in all). I recommend printing on card stock for best results.

Cut your clue cards out along the dotted lines, shuffle, and place face down in a pile. Give each player a Bingo card and something to mark with (Christmas candy works great or these Christmas stampers are really cute too). Now you're ready to play!

There are 3 ways to play Christmas music bingo, depending on the age and skill of the players.

Name that tune. This is my favorite way to play. Have your bingo caller choose a card, then read only the lyric at the top. Players then need to identify the name of the song and mark their card accordingly. The first one with 5 in a row wins... but only if they got them all right!

Match the title. You can make the game super easy by reading the song title instead of the lyric (both are included on each card). The first player to get BINGO wins!

Listen and play. This is a really fun way to play on holiday road trips or at parties. Pass out your Bingo cards and crank up the Christmas music. Mark each song as you hear it and the first one with 5 in a row wins!

I guarantee this game will get you in the Christmas spirit, and will be a great addition to your holiday parties. It's a super fun idea for family game night too!

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Test your Christmas music knowledge with this fun printable Christmas BINGO game! Perfect for holiday parties, classrooms, or even road trips, this Christmas bingo game is fun for the whole family! #Christmasgames #Christmaspartyfun #Christmasgamesforkids #Christmasprintables

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