Pet Preparedness Essentials You Need to Be Ready Now

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Even though it was 9 years ago, I remember like it was yesterday. It was our first trip to the beach with our then 4 month old puppy, Griffey. I was enjoying a cup of coffee in our condo when I heard a scratching at the front door. I opened it and Griffey ran inside, with my husband breathless and trailing close behind holding an empty collar and leash.

"What happened?" I asked, totally confused.

"He got spooked by a goose by the water and slipped his collar. He took off running and came straight back here."

I was both relieved and amazed - we had just arrived at the beach the night before, and Griffey had never been there before. I couldn't believe that he had found his way back "home" so easily.

It was just the first of many adventures we would have with this dog (and his brother Grady who we adopted a few months later). But it was a wake up call that as a dog mom, I needed to be prepared for just about anything.

Be prepared for emergencies on the road or at home with these essentials! Whether for travel with pets, road trips with dogs, or disaster preparedness for pets, this pet emergency kit and pet preparedness tips will keep you and your dog safe and happy! (ad)

Pet Preparedness Essentials You Need to Get Ready Now

Life with dogs is never boring (and we wouldn't want it any other way). They are our best friends and are always willing to go on an adventure, so it's up to us to make sure that we are prepared for anything that might come our way. The good news is that it's easy to do with just a few essentials.

Always Keep ID on Your Pet

Whether you're on the road or at home, make sure your pet is wearing identification. ID tags are great, but they can break off or become unreadable over time.

I prefer my dogs to wear a collar with their name and my phone number embroidered across it. It is easier to read at a distance, which is important for dogs like my Griffey who can be skittish with strangers.

Of course, neither of those would have helped Griffey when he was a puppy and managed to slip out of his collar. That's why both my dogs are microchipped - it is a permanent form of identification that can not be lost. If your pet is not yet microchipped, talk to your veterinarian about having it done at your next appointment - it is quick and painless.

Have your Records at Your Fingertips

Keep copies of important medical records in the cloud - whether in your email or a service like Dropbox or Google docs. You want to be able to access your pet's vaccination history and medication names/dosages at any time, at home or away. And make sure to have these important numbers saved in your phone: your veterinarian, your local animal emergency hospital, and your local animal control office.

Snap a Selfie

I'm sure your phone is filled with pictures of your pet. But are you in any of them? If you and your pet were ever separated, you may be required to provide proof of ownership to claim him or her from a shelter. A solo picture might work, but a photo of you with your pet is indisputable. So go ahead and get that selfie on your next adventure!

Pack the Ultimate Emergency Bag (for Both of You)

To truly be prepared for anything you need to have a bag packed with essentials for both you and your dog. There's a long list of things your bag needs to have, but fortunately you can find one all packed and ready for you thanks to Get Ready Now.

The Get Ready Now’s Pups & Peeps Road Combo Pack is unlike any other vehicle accessory or travel and outdoor essential on the market.  The packs are waterproof,  clear and the gear and supplies are ready to use with batteries installed.  When time is of the essence, having everything ready to use makes all the difference!

This bag has everything you need to take care of yourself or your dog in an emergency. The bag is heavy duty, waterproof, and clear, and fits easily under the seat or in your trunk. And it is packed with essentials you should have on hand. Whether you're heading out on a walk, going on a road trip, or needing to evacuate, you'll be ready.

Other vehicle kits provide tools to take care of the car - not yourself and your dog! Just take a quick peek at what's inside.

As a dog mom (and now with two children too), I feel so much safer having these supplies in my car at all times. No matter what adventures we may get into, I know that we'll have what we need! And Griffey agrees (as long as we keep those scary geese far away).

Are you prepared for your next adventure with your dog? Check out Get Ready Now's Pups and Peeps Road Combo Pack here and see how easy it is to have all your pet preparedness essentials at your fingertips. 

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